7 Baby Names Inspired by “Padmaavat”

Despite its controversies, “Padmaavat” is a beautifully made and epic Indian period drama. Not only is the film resplendent with spectacles, it is filled with strong-willed and charismatic characters. We want to share with you these 7 baby names inspired by “Padmaavat”.

1. Padmavati

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Naturally, we start with Padmavati, the namesake of this movie. She is known for her heart-stopping beauty and intelligence. Originating from Sanskrit, Padmavati means “Goddess Lakshmi”, wife of Lord Vishnu. She is the goddess of wealth, health, fortune, and prosperity. Furthermore, she is a famous and well-revered queen!

2. Ratan

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King Ratan Singh was the last Rajput ruler of the Guhila dynastry. He rules the kinggom of Mewar with much integrity. Ratan means “gem”.

3. Alauddin

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Alauddin is the second and most powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty. In the end, he defeats the Rajput ruler, Ratan Singh. From Urdu, Alauddin is a Muslim baby boy name meaning “Glory of religion (Islam)”.

4. Mehrunisa

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Mehrunisa is the Queen of the Delhi Sultanate; she is humble and thoughtful. The name Mehrunisa comes from an Arabic origin meaning “a woman who is beautiful”.

5. Malik

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Malik Kafur is the sweet and loyal slave-general to Sultan Alauddin. Originating from Arabic, it means “master” or “king”, so there must have been some irony in the naming of this character.

6. Jalaluddin

Jalaluddin is the founder of the Khilji dynasty. Unfortunately, he was deposed by his nephew and son-in-law who murdered him to usurp the throne. Jalaluddin is of Arabic origin, meaning “glory of the faith”.

7. Nagmati

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Nagmati is the first wife and chief queen of King Ratan Singh. She puts the safety of the kingdom as her priority which is admirable. It is Malayalam for “sindoor”, a red pigment made from powdered red lead that marks a married woman in Hinduism.