6 Simple Ways To Prevent Baby Heat Rash

Heat rashes can be really annoying for you and your baby. As we all know, itchiness can be a real nightmare. Therefore, you can save your baby a lot of discomfort by preventing it in the first place. Furthermore, it’s really simple to prevent heat rash. Read on for 6 simple ways to prevent baby heat rash.

1. Dress your baby well

If the weather is hot, dress your baby is loose-fitting comfortable fabric. Avoid synthetic clothing material as they do not absorb sweat. If the weather is cold, layer your baby wisely. Although it is tempting to bundle your baby up as much as possible, you don’t want to overheat them. In general, avoid diapers with plastic covers.

2. Keep your baby cool

When indoors, keep your baby in well-ventilated or air-conditioned spaces. During winter, avoid turning the thermostat on very high. On a hot day, try not to take your baby out. However, if you decide to do so, try looking for a shady and breezy area to play in. Also make sure that your baby is well hydrated. Lastly, after some sweaty play time, give your baby a nice cool shower.

3. Keep vulnerable areas dry

A good way to prevent baby heat rash is to pay attention to folded areas of the skin as they tend to get moist. These areas include the neck, armpits, behind the knees, and crotch. If they are wet, clean them with a wet towel and keep the area as dry as possible. If your baby is taking an afternoon nap, make sure his or her back isn’t sweating and trapping heat. You can either turn on the air-conditioning or turn her on her side.

Source: livestrong.com

4. Avoid baby powder

Contrary to belief, baby powder can block pores and make the skin warmer. Not only that, it can cause breathing problems by irritating your baby’s lungs.

5. Check on your baby

You can prevent baby heat rash by regularly checking to see if she or he is overheating. Although she might not be showing obvious signs, do not be fooled. Touch her skin to see if its hot and sweaty.

6. Stay hydrated

The key to not overheating is to stay hydrated. You can do this by making sure that your baby is taking breastmilk or formula often. On a really hot day, you can also help by applying a cool wet washcloth on your baby’s body to lower her or his body temperature.

7. Shower every day

If your baby is exposed to hot and humid conditions, it is wise to give her or him a shower every day. This will prevent your baby’s pores from being clogged with sweat. Moreover, giving your baby a change of clothes after sweating will allow her or his skin to breathe better. If your baby still sweats after a shower, try to air-dry your baby or use a wet towel. Sometimes, if it is too hot, you can lay your baby to rest naked.