6 Games You Can Play With Your Newborn

Playing games with your newborn brings you closer to your baby. Try talking, making funny faces, singing nursery rhymes, smiling and blowing raspberries.

These games are great for bonding with your newborn in the early days.

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1. Tummy times

Laying the baby on tummy can be a great exercise and game for your baby. It helps your baby to develop and strengthen his back and shoulder muscles. You can do this two or three times a day, and then slowly build up the amount of time your baby lies on his front. Always supervise your baby’s tummy time, and never put your baby on his tummy while he is asleep.

2.Toys that make sounds

Babies love squishy toys, especially those that squeak. To them, it is like the toy is “communicating” with them.

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3. Bath time

You can have a fun time with your newborns or even when they gets a bit older. Bring along lots of toys and put them in the bath tub.

4. Time for some imitation

Make some funny noises and let your baby copy you. You can add on some facial expression and body movement while you are playing with your baby. Likewise, copy sounds that they make. Smile when they smile and laugh when they laugh. This will sure catch their attention.

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5. Singing

Go ahead and sing your favorite song. Your baby’s not gonna understand a word of what you’re singing but it sure is going to entertain them. Or play some baby songs, nursery rhymes on your laptop. You can count toes or blow raspberries while you sing.

6. Pedaling feet

This is a great way to give your baby a sense of her body and movement. Good game idea to do during nappy changing. Hold her feet gently and pedal them slowly.



Source: Babygaga, Raising Children, Living and Loving.