6 Common Baby’s Body Language Decoded

Before your baby learn to speak, body language is important for you to communicate with them. Sometimes they use body language to send you signals on how she is feeling. For newborns, they often cry to communicate their needs and desires.

Here’s ways to understand and decode what these baby body language could mean. Let’s explore them together!

Source: worldofmoms.com
1. Kicking in the air

This is a sign that your baby is having good  and being happy. A way babies use to express their happiness. Babies usually kick their legs when you are playing with them.

2. Arching the back

When your baby arches her back, it could be due to pain or uneasiness. Usually, babies arch their back when they suffer from heartburn.

3. Crying

Crying would be the mostly sent signals from your baby. It can be due to many reasons that your baby is crying. For example, hunger, teething, hot or cold weather, wet diaper and so on. So you will need to identify the cause why your baby is crying and solve it immediately.

4. Fist clenching

A clenched fist is a regular movement that babies make. However, clenched fist may also be a sign of extreme hunger or stress. When your baby is hungry, she becomes tense and clenches her fist.

Source: sheknows.com


5. Turning head away

If your baby starts to look away, it could be a warning sign that you should probably stop what you are doing. It is a sign that she wants you to leave her alone enjoying her own company.

6. Knee scrunching

This could be an indication of discomfort and uneasy sensation in your baby’s digestive system. It generally happens when there’s a gas, constipation or uneasy poop.


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