58 Beautiful Scandinavian Baby Names For Boys & Girls

If you are seeking a unique name for your little baby, be sure to check out these beautiful Scandinavian baby names. You will fall in love with them. Beautiful Scandinavian names inspired by the Nordics.

Nordic names dominate Viking and Scandinavian history. They can range from tough and strong to lovely and delicate. If you are looking into Scandinavian names, here’s a few suggestions to get you started!

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1. Liam

Meaning: Will-helmet.

2. Emil

Meaning: Lively.

3. Anders

Meaning: Manly and brave.

4. Björn

Meaning: Bear.

5. Jørgen

Meaning: Farmer.

6. Morten

Meaning: War like, strong.

7. Niels

Meaning: Champion.

8. Tait

Meaning: Happy, cheerful.

9. Magnus

Meaning: Strong warrior.

10. Mathias

Meaning: Gift of God.

11. Jonas

Meaning: Dove.

Source: babygaga.com
12. Søren

Meaning: Stern, severe, God of war.

13. Hugo

Meaning: Intelligent.

14. Ivar

Meaning: Archer.

15. Balder

Meaning: Prince.

16. Ragnar

Meaning: Warrior from the gods.

17. Njord

Meaning: North.

18. Axel

Meaning: Father of peace.

19. Lars

Meaning: Victorious.

Source: prima.co.uk
20. Thorin

Meaning: Thunder.

21. Sven

Meaning: Youth.

22. Rolf

Meaning: Wolf.

23. Markus

Meaning: Of Mars, The God of war.

24. Ingvar

Meaning: Ing’s army, famous fighter.

25. Gardar

Meaning: Son of Svafar.

26. Raynor

Meaning: Mighty army.

27. Osvald

Meaning: Divine power.

28. Olsen

Meaning: Olaf’s son.

29. Tyr

Meaning: God of law and heroic victory.

30. Ludvig

Meaning: A famous warrior.

Source: babygaga.com
1. Annika

Meaning: Favor, grace.

2. Erika

Meaning: Noble ruler.

3. Freja

Meaning: Lady.

4. Janna

Meaning: God is gracious.

5. Katrine

Meaning: Pure.

6. Linnéa

Meaning: Twinflower.

7. Maya

Meaning: Pearl.

8. Emma

Meaning: Universal.

9. Ingrid

Meaning: Ing’s daughter. Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility.

10. Elsa

Meaning: Truth.

11. Sigrid

Meaning: Victorious.

12. Solveig

Meaning: The strong house or daughter of the sun.

Source: babygaga.com
13. Caryn

Meaning: Pure.

14. Kirsten

Meaning: Anointed.

15. Helga

Meaning: Holy.

16. Greta

Meaning: Pearl.

17. Britta

Meaning: Strength.

18. Astrid

Meaning: Godly strength.

19. Liv

Meaning: Life.

20. Anitra

Meaning: Grace.

21. Sonia

Meaning: Wisdom.

22. Ronja

Meaning: God’s joyful song.

Source: babygaga.com
23. Laura

Meaning: Laurel.

24. Ebba

Meaning: Strong.

25. Rica

Meaning: Eternal ruler.

26. Tyra

Meaning: Of Tyr, God of battle.

27. Mia

Meaning: Mine, bitter.

28. Monika

Meaning: Advisor.


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