15 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Winter

Winter is coming! If you’re expecting a baby girl this cold, cold time, here are some really cool and sweet names for your winter baby:

1. Neva

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Snow

2. Demetria

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Goddess of winter

3. Bianca

Origin: Italian
Meaning: White

4. Crystal/Krystal

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Clear, brilliant glass, sparkling

5. Ember

Origin: English
Meaning: Remains of a fire

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6. Eirwen

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: White as snow

7. Eira

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Snow

8. Hailey

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Wood, clearing, meadow

9. Alaska

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Great land, also the name of a US state

10. Noelle

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Christmas

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11. Elsa

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is satisfaction, also name of main character in Disney’s “Frozen”

12. Holly

Origin: English
Meaning: Holly grove

13. Natalie

Origin: Rrussian
Meaning: Christmas

14. Lucia

Origin: Swedish
Meaning: Saint of Christmas

15. Frostine

Origin: French
Meaning: Snow