4 Ways To Help Your Baby Take Their First Steps

On your mark, get set, GO! There is no set date when your little one start to walk. Most children take their first steps by 9-12 months, and most are walking well by 15 months.

If you think your baby is showing some signs of taking those precious first steps, here’s some tips to get you started.

1. Push toys

Push toys give your child control as she grips and pushes it in front of her. Not only that, it also gives her the support to balance herself.

Source: monbaby.com
2. Cruise control

Once your baby is able to pull herself up to standing, she will tend to hold on to the furniture or other objects for balance and support. You can then encourage your child to step away from the object they are leaning. How can you do this? You can kneel in front of her and encourage her to take a step or move towards you.

Source: babygaga.com
3. Lend a hand

When your baby is able to balance without holding on to any objects, you can hold her hands while she walks in front of you, facing forward. Then let go your hand to see if she can find her balance.

4. Barefoot baby

Without shoes and socks help improve to balance your baby and also her coordination. According to North Shore Pediatric Therapy, babies rely on the feedback they feel from the ground to adjust their standing balance as needed.

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