36 Nature-Inspired Baby Names For Boys

Hiking the tallest mountain or brave the wildest storm may not be of your interest, but you are moved by nature in all her glory. Enjoying nature with your child gives you a whole new appreciation for her beauty. Nature baby names for boys are not just tough and macho, they come in gentle forms too. To feel even more connected to our natural world, give your child one of these nature-inspired baby names that are absolutely lovely and he will be an outdoor kid in no time.

1. Shale

Meaning: Soft, stratified rock.

2. Birch

Meaning: Close to Birch trees.

3. Beaumont

Meaning: Beautiful mountain.

4. Hawke

Meaning: Hawk.

5. Forrest

Meaning: Of the woods, forest.

Source: zinn.com

6. Glenn

Meaning: Valley.

7. Flint

Meaning: From an area with flint rock, a stream.

8. Glenwood

Meaning: A forest in a valley.

9. Leo

Meaning: Lion, Brave people.

10. Orion

Meaning: Rising in the sky.

11. Ridge

Meaning: Backbone of a mountain.

12. Woody

Meaning: Of the woods.

13. Rio

Meaning: River.

14. Ackley

Meaning: Oak meadow.

15. Cliff

Meaning: From a steep cliff.

Source: today.com

16. Haywood

Meaning: Enclosed woods.

17. Barrow

Meaning: Living by a grove.

18. Everest

Meaning: Courageous like a boar.

19. Linwood

Meaning: River in the woods.

20. Dale

Meaning: Valley.

21. Denver

Meaning: Born in a green valley.

22. Oliver

Meaning: Nature loving.

23. Risco

Meaning: Waterfall.

24. Vale

Meaning: Lives in the valley.

25. Zion

Meaning: Promised land.

Source: babyology.com.au

26. Guthrie

Meaning: Windy spot.

27. Wyndham

Meaning: From the windy village.

28. Tal

Meaning: Dew, or rain.

29. Gale

Meaning: Sea storm.

30. Raiden

Meaning: Thunder and lightning.

31. Dalfon

Meaning: Raindrop.

Source: netmums.com

32. Neil

Meaning: Cloud.

33. Ellwood.

Meaning: Coming from the elder wood.

34. Falcon

Meaning: Falcon keeper.

35. Garland

Meaning: A triangular bit of land.

36. Blaze

Meaning: Flame.



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