35 Double Baby Names For Boys

Cannot choose between your two favorite names for your little prince? Then why not consider to have both. If you are tempted by a double name for your baby boy, here are some of our favorite double names for baby boys.

1. John Preston

Meaning: “Gracious” and “From a spiritual place”.

2. Jack Wyatt

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Brave in war”.

3. Roy Lee

Meaning: “King” and “meadow”.

4. Sawyer Ford

Meaning: “Cuts timber” and “River crossing”.

5. Jack David

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Beloved”.

6. Charles Alan

Meaning: “Free man” and “Handsome, cheerful”.

7. Jack Carl

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Free man”.

8. David Ryan

Meaning: “Beloved” and “Little king”.

9. Jo Allen

Meaning: “Jehovah increases” and “Handsome”.

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10. John Andrew

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Strong and manly”.

11. John Mark

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Warlike”.

12. John Moss

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Delivered from the water”.

13. John Michael

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Who is like God”.

14. Bobby Jack
Meaning: “Bright fame” and “God is gracious”.
15. Charlie Clyde
Meaning: “Free man” and “Name of river”.
16. David Dash
Meaning: “Beloved” and “To run fast”.
17. Don Michael

Meaning: “Proud chief” and “Who is like God”.

18. Eddie Wayne

Meaning: “Wealthy” and “Wagoner”.

19. Terry Mack

Meaning: “Tender, gracious” and “Son”.

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20. Ford Allen

Meaning: “Dweller at the ford” and “Handsome”.

21. Frank Finn

Meaning: “Free man” and “Fair or white”.

22. Will Brock

Meaning: “Resolute protector” and “Badger”.

23. Zack Alan

Meaning: “Remembered by God” and “Handsome and cheerful”.

24. Don Allan

Meaning: “Proud chief” and “Handsome and cheerful”.

25. Ben Jasper

Meaning: “Son” and “Bringer of treasure”.

26. Dean Ryan

Meaning: “Church official” and “Little king”.

27. Jean Paul

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Small”.

28. Marc Fabien

Meaning: “Warlike” and “Bean farmer”.

Source: saxony-blue.com
29. Marc Sebastian

Meaning: “Warlike” and “Person from ancient city of Sebasta”.

30. Paul Evan

Meaning: “Small” and “Lord is gracious”.

31. John Dawson

Meaning: “God is gracious” and “Son of David”.

32. William Russell

Meaning: “Resolute protection” and “Red-head, fox-colored”.

33. David Emmett

Meaning: “Adored” and “Entire”.

34. John David

Meaning: “Adored” and “God’s mercy”.

35. Russell Davis

Meaning: “Red-head, fox-colored” and “Beloved”.


Source: PureWow, She Knows.