31 Flower Names for Girls That Are Totally Adorable

Flower-inspired names are now one of the trendiest categories of baby names. Floral baby names bring in the delicateness of a flower. And don’t you just love it every time you call your child with that unique, whimsical, and fun name. There is nothing lovelier than naming your child after the most beautiful thing in nature.

If you want to name your little girl after a gorgeous flower, check out our list of these beautiful names.

1. Lily

Meaning: Purity and beauty.

2. Daisy

Meaning: Charming and simple.

3. Heather

Meaning: A flowering plant.

4. Rose

Meaning: Of the rose blossom; Rose flower.

5. Jasmine

Meaning: Fresh-scented.

6. Violet

Meaning: Violet Flower.

Source: purewow.com
7. Marigold

Meaning: Golden Mary, From the flower.

8. Dahlia

Meaning: From the valley.

9. Lilac

Meaning: Light purple flower with a beautiful scent.

10. Jacinta

Meaning: Hyacinth.

11. Magnolia

Meaning: From the flower.

12. Poppy

Meaning: From the Poppy flower.

13. Susan

Meaning: Graceful lily.

14. Zinnia

Meaning: From the flower.

15. Camellia

Meaning: The Camellia flower.

Source: nameberry.com
16. Petunia

Meaning: Trumpet-shaped flower.

17. Rosemary

Meaning: The rosemary plant.

18. Azalea

Meaning: A flower.

19. Begonia

Meaning: Type of flower.

20. Ivy

Meaning: Botanical name.

21. Altheda

Meaning: Like a blossom.

22. Iris

Meaning: Rainbow.

23. Daffodil

Meaning: The asphodel.

24. Fiorella

Meaning: Flower.

25. Flora

Meaning: Flower.

Source: purewow.com
26. Ionlanthe

Meaning: Violet flower.

27. Leilani

Meaning: Child of heavenly flower.

28. Lillian

Meaning: Pure.

29. Senna

Meaning: Brightness.

30. Linnea

Meaning: Twin flower.

31. Verbena

Meaning: A sweet smelling plant.


Sources: PureWow, The Name Meaning.