31 Unique Middle Name Ideas For Girls

Thinking of the perfect first name is hard, but finding the right middle name is also no easy task! If you’re looking for a unique and gorgeous middle name that stands out, here are some of our favorites:

1. Cerise

Origin: French
Meaning: Cherry red.

2. Elein 

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Bright as a torch.

3. Taylore 

Origin: English
Meaning: Tailor.

4. Zion

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Symbol of Israel.

5. Coralie

Origin: French
Meaning: As pure and beautiful as the coral.

6. Caprice

Origin: French
Meaning: Refers to a whim or the one who is whimsical.

7. Aryn

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Refers to the one who is enlightened and is also a messenger.

8. Raven 

Origin: English
Meaning: Refers to the one who is like the raven, or crow.


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10. Lilith

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Night monster, storm goddess.

11. Silvia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The one who lives near the woods or belongs to the woods.

12. Naomi

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: One who is pleasant and adorable.

13. Annora

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Full of honor.

14. Elodie

Origin: French
Meaning: Signifies the one who is full of foreign or exotic riches.

15. Leonie

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Fearless and powerful as the lion.

16. Marguerite

Origin: French
Meaning: Pretty and pure as a pearl or a daisy flower.


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17. Ellory 

Origin: English
Meaning: Alder tree.

18. Amity

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Full of love, peace, warmth and friendship.

19. Linnea

Origin: Swedish
Meaning: Akin to the lime tree.

20. Willa 

Origin: English
Meaning: Will, desire, and helm.

21. Blaise

Origin: French
Meaning: Refers to the one who stammers.

22. Krystan 

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A follower of the Christian faith.

23. Jaidyn

Origin: Biblical
Meaning: Precious as the gemstone.

24. Chelle

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Who is like God?

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25. Seraphina

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Fiery-winged. The name Seraphina comes from ‘seraphim’, who were the most powerful angels.

26. Aquilla

Origin: New Testament
Meaning: An eagle-shaped constellation.

27. Carlisle

Origin: English
Meaning: From the protected tower; from the walled city.

28. Kae

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A fortified place.

29. Payten

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Noblewoman.

30. Amina

Origin: African
Meaning: Trustworthy.

31. Zarrah

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: “She was a narrator for Hadith”.