30 Romantic French Baby Names For Boys

Want a romantic name for your little prince have the romantic characteristics? We know choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task. So here’s a list of some of beautiful and wonderful French baby names for your bebe-to-be:

1. Lucas

Meaning: Light.

2. Javier

Meaning: January.

3. Antoine

Meaning: Priceless one, beyond praise.

4. Quentin

Meaning: Born fifth.

5. Fletcher

Meaning: Arrow maker.

6. Beaufort

Meaning: Coming from a beautiful fortress.

7. BenoƮt

Meaning: Blessed.

8. Yves

Meaning: Archer.

9. Russell

Meaning: Red-haired.

10. Beau

Meaning: Beautiful person handsome.

Source: stylist.co.uk
11. Troy

Meaning: Curly-haired.

12. Guillaume

Meaning: Determined protector.

13. Jarrett

Meaning: One who rules.

14. Chace

Meaning: Hunter.

15. Pierre

Meaning: A rock.

16. Dominique

Meaning: Lord’s child.

17. Elliotte


18. Andre

Meaning: Manly, brave.

19. Clark

Meaning: Scholar.

20. Andi

Meaning: Manly.

21. Chandler

Meaning: Candle maker.

22. Mason

Meaning: Stone worker.

Source: magicmum.com
23. Maurice

Meaning: Dark skinned.

24. Nicolas

Meaning: Victorious.

25. Percy

Meaning: Piercing the valley.

Source: sweetpeanut.com
26. Bellamy

Meaning: Handsome friend.

27. Hugo

Meaning: Spirited, bright in mind.

28. Louis

Meaning: Well-known fighter.

29. Clement

Meaning: Merciful.

30. Yannick

Meaning: God is gracious.