30 Retro Baby Names For Girls

Are you into all things old school? Do you love vintage names? Then here are 30 retro baby girl names for your future little one:

1. Ida

Origin: German
Meaning: Labor, work. It may also be related to an Old Norse Goddess named Iðunn.

2. Clara

Origin: Late Latin
Meaning: Clear, bright, and famous.

3. Alicia

Origin: German
Meaning: Noble one.

4. Lois

Origin: Greek
Meaning: More desirable, better.

5. Nellie

Origin: Teutonic
Meaning: Clean

6. Mabel

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Beautiful, loving, lovable.

7. Queenie

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Ruler, royal lady. It is also an affectionate name for queen.

8. Helen

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Shining light, the bright one.

9. Lilian

Origin: English
Meaning: Symbol of innocence, purity, and beauty.

10. Gertrude

Origin: German
Meaning: Strong spear.

Source: We Have Kids
11. Rose

Origin: German
Meaning: Kind, sort, type. Also the name of a flower.

12. Pearl

Origin: English
Meaning: Often associated with innocence and modesty.

13. Edith

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Riches or blessed.

14. Hattie

Origin: English, German
Meaning: Ruler, power, or home.

15. Dorothy

Origin: English
Meaning: Gift of God.

16. Julia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Young.

17. Maggie

Origin: Persian
Meaning: Child of light.

18. Rosa

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Rose.

19. Daisy

Origin: Old English
Meaning: Day’s eye. Also the name of a flower.

20. Gloria

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Glory.

Source: Pinterest
21. Marjorie

Origin: Old English, French
Meaning: Pearl

22. Bonnie

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: Pretty, attractive.

23. Greta

Origin: Swedish
Meaning: Pearl.

24. Myrna 

Origin: Irish, Gaelic
Meaning: Beloved.

25. Ginger 

Origin: English
Meaning: Pure, chaste, or virginal. Also means pep or liveliness.

26. Shirley 

Origin: English
Meaning: Bright wood or bright meadow.

27. Mae

Origin: French
Meaning: May. In Roman mythology, Maia (source of the month May) was goddess of spring growth.

28. Constance

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Constant.

29. Claudette 

Origin: French
Meaning: A feminine form of Claud, which means enclosure.

30. Darlene

Origin: English
Meaning: Darling.