30 Admirable Italian Baby Names For Girls

Florence, Tuscany, Venice – Italy isn’t just about beautiful places. It also has some absolutely gorgeous baby names.

There is just something so lovely about Italian names. Therefore, if you are considering a name from one of the most beautiful romance languages in the world, look no further. Here is a list of beautiful Italian baby names that will be suitable for your baby girl.

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1. Vera

Meaning: Truth.

2. Bianca

Meaning: White, shining.

3. Aria

Meaning: Air. Melody.

4. Gabriella

Meaning: God is my strength.

5. Caprice

Meaning: Whimsical.

6. Emilia

Meaning: Industrious.

7. Carina

Meaning: Little darling.

8. Donna

Meaning: Lady.

9. Antonia

Meaning: Priceless.

10. Giovanna

Meaning: God is gracious.

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11. Vivienne

Meaning: Alive.

12. Esta

Meaning: From the east.

13. Caterina

Meaning: Pure.

14. Rosalie

Meaning: Rose.

15. Clarissa

Meaning: Bright and clear.

16. Gloria

Meaning: Woman of glory.

17. Flavia

Meaning: Golden-haired woman.

18. Elena

Meaning: Bright, shining light.

19. Francesca

Meaning: Woman from France.

20. Valeria

Meaning: Strength.

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21. Lucia

Meaning: Light.

22. Natalia

Meaning: Born on Christmas.

23. Angelina

Meaning: Little angel.

24. Verdi

Meaning: Green.

25. Stella

Meaning: Star.

26. Aurora

Meaning: Sunrise.

27. Bibiana

Meaning: Full of life.

28. Sabrina

Meaning: From the River Severn.

29. Cassandra

Meaning: Shine upon mankind.

30. Gina

Meaning: Queen.


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