28 Nature-Inspired Baby Names For Girls

Nature represent the trees, flowers, clouds, or any other elemental form of things! It represents varying degrees of emotions. Sometimes, it can be calm and pleasing. On the other hand, it brings out the strong and stubborn side of it. Giving your baby a nature-inspired name could give it a personality as strong as nature.

Check out our picks of some unique nature-inspired baby girl names, covering all the elements that we could possibly think of.

1. Clementine

Meaning: Mild, Merciful.

2. Dawn

Meaning: Daybreak.

3. Hazel

Meaning: Hazel tree, hazelnut.

4. Meadow

Meaning: Meadow.

5. Tierra

Meaning: Crowned.

Source: brit.co
6. Gale

Meaning: Storm.

7. Gaia

Meaning: Earth.

8. Venus

Meaning: Love.

9. Willow

Meaning: Willow tree, freedom.

10. Abilene

Meaning: Meadow.

Source: sheknows.com
11. Brin

Meaning: Like a hill.

12. Farley

Meaning: Woodland clearing.

13. Jade

Meaning: Gemstone.

14. Lana

Meaning: Little rock.

15. Genesis

Meaning: The beginning.

16. Iris

Meaning: Colors of rainbow.

17. Luna

Meaning: Moon.

18. Primrose

Meaning: The first rose.

19. Ivy

Meaning: Climbing pant.

20. Rosemary

Meaning: Sea dew.

21. Aspen

Meaning: Aspen tree.

Source: businessinsider.com
22. Autumn

Meaning: Season of Fall.

23. Daisy

Meaning: Eye of the day.

24. Emerald

Meaning: Green gemstone.

25. Fawn

Meaning: Little young deer.

26. Fleur

Meaning: Like a flower.

Source: purewow.com
27. Aurora

Meaning: Dawn, morning dew, Northern light.

28. Marina

Meaning: From the sea.


Sources: Mom Junction, Baby Center.