27 Double Baby Names For Girls

If you’re looking for some baby name inspirations for your little girl and you are after double baby names. This is something that you should not missed. Using two names as a first name is a great way to honor a family member or to create a unique, yet traditional baby name.

The possibilities for a double baby name are endless. Some parents will choose two names with the same starting letter. Some will choose both names that have the same number of syllables. Basically, you can combine names in a variety of ways.

Check out these adorable combos for girls that we love the most.

1. Sarah Blanche

Meaning: “Princess” and “Fair.”

2. Amy Jane

Meaning: “Beloved” and “God is gracious”.

3. Anna Grace

Meaning: Anna actually means “Grace,” what a perfect pairing.

4. Anna Lane

Meaning: “Grace” and “A small roadway”.

5. Ann Claire

Meaning: “Grace” and “Bright, clear”.

6. Sarah Michelle

Meaning: “Princess” and “Who is like God”.

Source: Pinterest
7. Emma Lou

Meaning: “Universal” and “Renowned warrior”.

8. EmmaGrace

Meaning: “Universal” and “Goodness & generosity”.

9. Emma Dale

Meaning: “Universal” and “Valley”.

10. Georgia Lee

Meaning: “Farmer” and “Meadow”.

11. Mary Grace

Meaning: “Wished-for child” and “Goodness & generosity”.

12. Mary Jo

Meaning: “Wished-for child” and “God is gracious”.

13. Mary Frances

Meaning: “Wished-for child” and “Free man”.

14. Twyla Fay

Meaning: “Woven” and “Fairy”.

15. Tressa Gail

Meaning: “Third” and “My father is joyful”.

Source: pinterest.com
16. Mary Kate

Meaning: “Wished-for child” meets “Pure and clear.”

17. Emma Reese

Meaning: “Whole” and Fiery.”

18. Stella Ruth

Meaning: “Star” and “Companion.”

19. Anna Lisa

Meaning: “Grace” and “Pledged to God”.

20. Anna Maria

Meaning: “Grace” and “Wished-for child”.

21. Ann Margaret

Meaning: “Grace” and “Pearl”.

22. Mary Katherine

Meaning: “Wished-for child” and “Pure”.

Source: newhdwallpaper.in
23. Lila Jane

Meaning: “Dark-haired beauty” and “God’s gracious gift.”

24. Katie Belle

Meaning: “Pure” and “Beautiful.”

25. Jenna Lyn

Meaning: “Fair lady” and “Lion-like.”

26. Celia Ann

Meaning: “From the heavens” and “Grace.”

27. Sue Ellen

Meaning: “Lily” and “Light.”


Source: PureWow, She Knows.