23 Classic Fancy Long Baby Names For Girls

Fancy a classic and sophisticated name for your soon-to-be ladies and gentlemen? Long and elegant first names can also chop down to adorable nicknames.

Check out our favorite list for these fancy baby names!

1. Anastasia

Meaning: Resurrection.

2. Caroline

Meaning: Joyous song, pretty.

3. Charlotte

Meaning: Petite, feminine.


Meaning: God is my strength.


Meaning: White wave.

6. Jacqueline

Meaning: Supplanter.

7. Lucinda

Meaning: Bringer of light.

8. Madeline

Meaning: Woman from Magdala.

9. Marielle

Meaning: Bitter.

10. Vivienne

Meaning: Alive.

11. Josephine

Meaning: Jehovah increases.

12. Evianna

Meaning: Elegant.

Source: Pinterest
13. Elizabeth

Meaning: God’s promise.

14. Isabella

Meaning: Devoted to God.

15. Francesca

Meaning: From France.

16. Alexandra

Meaning: Helper and defender of mankind.

17. Evangeline

Meaning: Good news.

18. Felicity

Meaning: Happy.

19. Philomena

Meaning: Powerful love.

20. Valentina

Meaning: Strong and healthy.

21. Donatella

Meaning: Given by God.

22. Esmeralda

Meaning: Emerald.

23. Penelope

Meaning: Weaver.


Source: She Knows, Nameberry