How To Save Money When You Have A Baby

Yup, a baby takes up lots of money. There’s so much to buy even when your baby is on the way. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t let your credit card bill freak you out. Prepare yourself before marching into the money-sucking life.

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1. Make sure you’re not spending on unnecessary things at the hospital.

Some hospitals charge when you switch on the TV, and they have add-ons like private rooms or staying more days. If you don’t need to, do not opt for that. Also, take the baby care items provided by the hospital, if they allow.

2. Breastfeed if possible.

You’ll need a breast pump, but in the long run, you’ll save a lot as you don’t have to buy formula. If you don’t mind, you can buy a second-hand breast pump from a close friend or family member.

3. Don’t buy too many baby clothes.

Babies grow fast. Like super fast. It’s as if they just grow overnight. Buy just enough for them to keep warm. Another tip: buy unisex clothes so if a sibling is on the way, they can wear it too!

4. Buy diapers in bulk.

Seems like a lot, but babies use them up as fast too. Buy them in cartons and you can save up to 200 bucks per year.

5. Don’t buy toys.

No, we’re not asking you to deprive your child of their childhood or chance to develop mentally. Instead of buying toys, ask from a friend instead – chances are, some of them will have toys laying around after their kids outgrow toys. You can also bring them to the library (which usually has a kids section) or borrow toys from there.

Budgeting For Baby: Short-Term Spending

There’s plenty to worry about when you’ve got a baby on the way. Sleepless nights, endless worrying and just feeling tired all the time. Add finance to the list and you’ve got a recipe for everything to go wrong. Having a baby is expensive. There is a lot to consider, from diapers to child insurance to medical fees. If you’re not financially stable, giving birth to a baby isn’t a good idea at all. Best that you start that budgeting.

Here are some things you will need to prepare for:

1. Furniture

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Baby won’t be able to fit into the same bed as you. They need their special crib/cot. Speaking of that, they will need a bath tub too! Not the one that you soak in, because that’s too big for them. These are only some of the examples. The list of things that you need to buy in preparation for baby is endless.

2. Clothing

We’ll add nappies to this one. Let us break the bad news to you: nappies cost the most. Even more than clothing or toys or furniture, because you will finish those nappies at a very short amount of time. Babies grow really fast too, so you’ll have to constantly buy new clothes for them. Yes, don’t forget footwear. They’ll need comfortable ones so that it won’t stunt their growth.

3. Toys

Toys to keep them occupied and to help encourage their growth. Toys have proven to be important when a baby is growing, so you won’t want to deprive them of something this crucial.

4. Food

Mostly just formula. If you breastfeed, all the better for you. But you’ll need to buy breastpumps too.

5. Others

Things like their strollers, infant car seats…

And all these are just the short-term spending. Check out our long-term spending list.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Planning A Baby Shower!

Now that you’ve had the baby shower all planned out, it’s time to par-tayy! Not so fast. Mistakes often happen, and more so if you’ve never held a baby shower before. You don’t want to let unhappy mistakes ruin the day, so it’s best to make sure that everything’s going smoothly. Here are some common mistakes people make:

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1. Don’t reveal too much information about baby.

Well, it’s fine if mom and dad are open about sharing the information or has already shared it. But if they haven’t, it’s not your place to do so. If they’re keeping it private, make sure the baby’s name, sex, or name is not etched anywhere in the baby shower. This means that the cake, deco and all other stuff has to be free of that information.

2. There’s no theme.

This isn’t a huge mistake per se. Baby showers have been successfully thrown without a theme. But like we mentioned in a previous article, having a theme will make everything easier.

3. No photographer??!?!?!

Now, if you’ve committed this ultimate sin, we don’t know if you should be forgiven. Okay, we’re just kidding – it’s not a matter of life and death, but we’re pretty sure mom and dad would be pretty bummed not to have any professional-taken photos of the memorable day. Sure, all guests are probably armed with a camera (on their phone) and snapping off every moment, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of messaging everyone for their photos and sifting through the bad ones. Plus, there’s no guaranteed that there would be enough nice photos from the guests.

4. Don’t forget – mom-to-be is the important one here.

Do not make her feel left out. Yup, it’s called a ‘BABY’ shower, but it’s also a celebration for and to mom. Make her feel appreciated and honored. Shower her with love and attention. Make sure all activities are centered around her. But don’t overwhelm her. Oh, and please, PLEASE, consult her whenever you make important decisions!

Planning A Baby Shower: Things You Should Know

Lots of effort goes into organising a baby shower, and usually, it is organised by close friends of the mom. Let’s be honest, with so many things other more important things on their minds, we doubt that soon-to-be moms would have the time and energy to throw a huge party. If you feel like you’re up for it, this step-by-step guide is here to help.

Source: Today’s Parent


Our advice is to not throw a baby shower too early on. Things can go wrong during a pregnancy and you want to make sure that everything’s going smoothly before making the decision. Also, find a date that’s convenient for the people you want to invite. You can also throw a baby shower after the baby is born! Just make sure that the date doesn’t clash with any important events for the mom-to-be’s family.


Before you make any decision, consult mom-to-be. Ideally, hold it at an event space where you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. However, if mom-to-be prefers convenience and wants it to be held at her house, make sure that there are people there to help clean up after it ends. You don’t want to tire her out.


Not sure how to start planning? First, choose a theme. It can help you piece everything together. Not sure what cake to get? Choose one that suits the theme. Not sure what kind of deco to go for? Refer to the theme.

Other than that, you can play games. Make sure it’s not something laborious because mom-to-be won’t have the strength to do it. Maybe do a small-scale lucky draw and prepare goodie bags. Oh yeah, food. And lots of it.


Again, consult mom-to-be before making the shots. Most of the time, mom-to-be would want close friends to be invited, and we don’t think this needs mentioning, but family, of course.

Travelling With Baby: Hand Carry Checklist!

If it’s your first-time travelling with baby, you have reason to worry. Packing for a baby is very different from packing for adults. For starters, you’ll need to worry about baby being hungry or grumpy. And trust us, it’s better to pack more than you need – because you never know when things will come in handy. Just stash everything in your hand carry!

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Before you hastily go to the airport, check if you have all these things with you:

  1. Toys
  2. Baby’s favourite blanket or toy
  3. Diapers
  4. Baby wipes
  5. Nappy cream
  6. Hand sterilization spray
  7. Bibs
  8. Change of clothes for baby
  9. Change of clothes for YOU
  10. Snacks
  11. Plastic bags
  12. Food
  13. Formula/milk
  14. Bottles
  15. Breast Pump
  16. Pacifiers
  17. Meds for baby
  18. First aid
  19. Blanket or jacket
  20. And to fit all that in – a HUGE backpack

Baby’s Birthday Coming Up? Here’s 10 Adorable Birthday Cake Ideas

Congratulations, You’ve survived the first year with baby! We’re sure the countless sleepless nights won’t be stopping anytime soon, but it’s still cause for celebration. It’s not everyday that your baby gets to be one-year-old. With all that stress in your life, we’re sure you don’t need more. If you’re struggling to think of birthday cake ideas, look no further.

Here are some ideas:

1. Superhero cake


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With superheroes trending right now, a superhero cake is the way to go. It might go out of trend in the future when your baby grows up, but looking back at the photos, it’ll be like a little throwback for them!

2. Cartoons/animation cake


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Animated characters are timeless. Case in point: Cinderella is still as popular as it was when it was first released. If you’re an anime fan, feel free to do one with cute anime characters too.

3. Fruit cake


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Cakes do not have to be fancy. If you prefer something simple, a fruit cake is the healthier option to go for.

4. Animal cake


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Awww, who doesn’t love a cute animal cake? If you have a dog or cat, all the more better. You can get one in their likelihood too! The only bad thing is that you might have a hard time cutting the cake 😉

5. Ice cream cake


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Ice cream – something that people of all ages love. But be careful while eating as things could get messy!

6. Spinach cake


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We know, we know, sounds like a weird cake flavour right? We promise, it actually tastes quite alright. Plus, it’s a healthy alternative to all that cream and stuff.

7. Milk and Cookie Cake


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Milk and cookies – a heavenly combination! Those two will never go wrong. Another alternative is to have a cookies and cream cake.

8. Pastel Cake


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Pastel colours never go old.

9. Miniature Cake(s)


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You know, everything should just be mini-sized to fit your baby’s party! The only downside is, it might be difficult to fill yourself with these mini cakes.

10. Unicorn Cake


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A unicorn cake is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

6 Unique Baby Shower Gifts That Mom & Dad Will Appreciate

Have a baby shower coming up soon but can’t figure what to get? If there’s a list of gifts mom and dad has prepared, that’s great for you. But not all baby showers come with one. For those without, here’s a list of unconventional gifts for you:

Source: Kaodim

1. Memory Book

Memory books are a great way to remember those first years by. And it doesn’t have to be filled with only words either. Get a book that allows mom and dad to attach photos too. Maybe a page with milestones too. Another better idea: if you have the time, make the memory book yourself! We’re sure baby will remember your present even after they grow up.

2. Baby Books

This is something that will be appreciated for a long time. It’s never too early to be exposed to books, and so, you can buy a range of books for baby. From picture books to alphabet books to story books.

3. Toys

Give baby something that will be used later in life. It’s too early for a newborn baby to play with toys, but mom and dad will thank you down the road.

4. Professional Photo Shoot

Now, this is one for the whole family! Pay for a full photo shoot, but don’t put a date to it. You don’t want them be compelled to dress up for a photo shoot when they’re all tired out.

5. Date Night

Date nights will become rare once baby comes into the world. Give mom and dad some time for themselves by giving them vouchers to a restaurant. Of course, like we mentioned, let them do it at a time convenient for them.

6. Babysitting/Nanny Service 

If you’ve bought mom and dad restaurant vouchers but they don’t trust baby with a babysitter yet, this is the time to offer your service!

Bringing Baby To The Beach: Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Now that you’ve prepare yourself for that beach trip with baby, what do you bring with you? You might not want to bring too much stuff with you ‘cos it could be heavy. But our advise is: better be safe than sorry. If you’re driving, you could always dump stuff into the car.

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Here’s a list of things you should bring with you:

1. A battery-operated fan – It could get really hot in there!

2. Baby powder – Good way to remove sand without excessive rubbing.

3. Towels – Things will get damp and sandy very quickly.

4. Beach umbrella – Baby needs to be shielded from the sun!

5. Windbreak – To protect you from the wind and stop baby from wandering.

6. Picnic blankets – Pretty self-explanatory, we think.

7. Food (Formula/breastmilk if you can’t breastfeed on the spot) – Because baby will get cranky when they are hungry.

8. Sunscreen – Slap that on so baby won’t be sunburned.

9. First-aid kit – In case there’s an emergency.

10. Swimming equipment – To help baby float.

11. UV suit – To keep baby from the sun.

12. Beach shoes – Protect baby’s feet!

13. Several change of clothes – Trust us, they’ll get dirty fast.

14. Water-resistant diapers – Convenient if you want to bring baby for a swim.

15. Toys – To keep them entertained.

Sources: Babble, Baby Centre.

Bringing Baby To The Beach: Things You Need To Know

If you love the beach, it makes sense that you want to bring your baby there too. After all, what better way for them to soak up some Vitamin D, right? Well, we hate to break this to you, but it’s not as straightforward as it seems to be. While it’s fine for adults to be a little sunburned (though it’s still not healthy), baby’s sensitive skin may make it hard for them – and will harm them too.

Source: Amy Gray Photography

So when is it a good time to bring newborn (or few weeks old) baby to the beach? Here are some things you need to know:

1. There is such thing as being too young

Although there is nothing really stopping you from bringing baby to the beach once they’re born, keep in mind that their immune systems are vulnerable when they are 2-month old or younger. Aside from taking risks like jellyfish stings and the such, there are lots of bad bacteria too. Always consult your doctor before going on a beach trip.

2. Avoid the sun

The sun without the beach? In the case of your baby, a resounding YES. Put them under a shade – beach umbrella, sit under a beach cafe/restaurant – anything really. Just remember to keep them away from the sun because it will burn their sensitive skins really badly. Use sunscreen too!

3. Always keep an eye on your baby

Common sense, you would think so. But many parents fail to do so. If you absolutely have to be away from your baby, find someone trustworthy to help look after baby. Who knows, baby might just wander off or swallow something which will upset their stomach. We shudder to think of the possibilities.

4. Swimming is okay, but keep it in moderation

Your baby could be a natural at swimming, after all. But as mentioned, always keep an eye on baby. It’s recommended that you baby try it out at the local pool to see if they are fine with water. Seawater can be extremely salty and the waves can be very strong – two conditions which will make baby struggle.

Source: Romper.

20 Buddhist Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

There are some really beautiful Buddhist names out there, but not many use them as they are not as well-known as biblical names. If you’re a Buddhist and are struggling to think up of a name for your baby girl, we’re here to help you.

Source: Family Education

Here are some suggestions and their meanings:

1. Mayuree

Meaning: From Indian origins, meaning ‘beautiful’.

2. Mika

Meaning: Of Japanese origins, meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘wisdom’, and ‘intellect’.

3. Genji

Meaning: As valuable as Gold.

4. Mariko

Meaning: ‘Real’, ‘genuine’, and ‘original’.

5. Hoshi

Meaning: ‘Star’, ‘unique’, ‘bright’, or ‘shining’.

6. Karma

Meaning: In contrary to the popular meaning, it can mean ‘action’ or doing’ in the Buddhist context.

7. Nima

Meaning: ‘Sun’.

8. Jayanthi

Meaning: ‘Experiencing joy’ or ‘rejoicing for victory’.

9. Gotami

Meaning: Buddha’s step-mother and maternal aunt.

10. Kisa

Meaning: One of Buddha’s disciple who attained first stage of Arhatship.

11. Kathina

Meaning: A Buddhist festival.

12. Lotus

Meaning: An important Buddhist icon.

13. Nirvana

Meaning: ‘The imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion and delusion have been finally extinguished’.

14. Samsara

Meaning: The circle of life.

15. Khema

Meaning: One of the two chief female disciples of Buddha.

16. Hayma

Meaning: ‘Forest’.

17. Mae

Meaning: Honorable mother.

18. Myia

Meaning: Emerald

19. Pali

Meaning: Language in which Buddhist text was written.

20. Tenzin

Meaning: Protector of Dharma.