Adorable Bath Tubs That Will Make Bathing Time More Fun

We know, bath times are a struggle.

It’s a wonder how such a tiny human being can cause so much mess and spills. While bath times are unavoidable, you can always make them more fun for your child (and you) – by using some of these adorable bath tubs:

1. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Bath Tub

Suitable for babies that are 6 to 24 months old, this inflatable bath tub incorporates the White Hot technology, which tells you when the water is too hot for your baby. It has a non-slip surface, deflates and folds easily, and is ideal for travelling. The contoured headrest also makes washing your baby’s hair easier.

Available on Lazada for RM50.

2. Skip Hop Moby Smart 3-Stage Tub 

The tub grows with your baby through 3 stages – when they’re a newborn (up to 3 months old), an infant (from 3 to 6 months old), and when they’ve learned how to sit (6 months old onwards). The sling locks into 2 ergonomic positions: a higher one for full-body support and a lower one for seated support. The dual layered mesh and comfort-edge construction also makes sure that your baby is securely cradled from head-to-toe. The sling can also be adjusted to a seat for babies that are learning how to sit. When they’ve mastered sitting, just remove the sling and you have a spacious tub.

Available on Baby Dots for RM 211.

3. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

The Deluxe Baby Bather is a convenient item that can be used anywhere – the counter, the sink, or in a full size tub. The soft, mesh sling and built-in headrest will cradle your baby and the 3 recline positions will provide the most comfortable position for them.

Available on Amazon for $19.69.

4. Infantino Whale Bubble Inflatable Bath Tub

For babies aged 6 to 24 months old, this bath tub deflates and fold easily. It’s great for when you need to travel, and convenient to use at home too. It also comes with toy balls so that your little one can keep busy during bath time. 😉

Available on Amazon for $15.

5. Blooming Bath Baby Bath

Cute, cuddly, and convenient, Blooming Bath’s product is the bath tub we never knew we needed. Made from polyester plush, the petals hug any sink to create an adorable, safe, and fun bath time experience for your baby. It easy to use – just push it into your sink and it creates the perfect cushioned cradle to wash your baby. Need to dry it out? Just gentle squeeze out the excess water and put it in the dryer for about 15 minutes or use the hang tag on the back.

Available on Amazon for $50.

5 Lightweight Strollers For Your Travelling Needs

Going on holidays are supposed to be fun, but not so much when you have to lug around a really heavy stroller for your baby.

Say goodbye to your woes than, for there are some really good lightweight strollers out there. The best thing is, they’re not flimsy at all. Durable and light, they’re the thing you never knew you needed. A lightweight stroller is not only useful for travel, it also helps when you’re juggling errands or just going for walks with your baby.

Here are some of the best picks:

1. Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller

Only weighing at 6kg, the City Tour stroller is your ultimate travel companion. It features a near-flat recline, UV 50+ extended canopy, and a comfortable padded seat. It’s super easy to collapse (you can do it with only one hand!) and a pleasure to move around too. A backpack-style carry bag comes with it, as well as an onboard storage compartment that allows it to be stored away when strolling.

Available on Amazon for $199.

2. Mclaren Mark II with Recline

This stroller in just a mere 3kg. No, it’s not a typo. This super lightweight stroller has a 2-position recline seat with breathable mesh center panel inserts. It also includes a coordinating liner, buggy ID tag, and premium wind-resistant raincover. To keep you clean, it also has antimicrobial handles.

Available on Amazon for $129.

3. McLaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller

This is for all the parents of twins out there. It is easy to fold and carry, and also fits through doorways! It has independent, fully adjustable padded seats that will guarantee that your babies are laying in comfort. It weighs around 10kg – we’d say that’s a pretty light one, considering that it can carry both of your twins.

Available on Maclaren for $350.

4. Graco LiteRider LX Stroller – Tenley

Can’t afford the more expensive strollers? Here’s one that will not eat into your budget. It weighs less than 7kg, and features the one-hand fold function as well. There’s also the locking front-swivel wheel that will make your stroller easy to maneuver. To keep your baby comfy, the LiteRider LX comes up a deluxe-padded, multi-position reclining seat, as well as a tray and cup holder to hold your essentials.

Available on Amazon for $80.

5. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Here’s another stroller than will not cut into your finances. Weighing almost 6kg, it is easy to carry and can be folded using one-hand only. It has 4 recline positions – perfect for babies who can’t sit up by themselves yet. Then open design also makes the extra large storage basket easy to access, so you won’t have to worry about space to stow your belongings away. Other features include an adjustable and removable canopy, cup holder, rear storage pocket, and anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels.

Available on Summer Infant for $80.

8 Things To Include In Your Baby’s Time Capsule

Time capsules are a good way to memorialise your baby’s birth.

It’s a creative gift, and a personal one at that. But sometimes, you just get stuck thinking of what to include in that capsule. Fret not, we’re here to help.

Source: Not on the High Street

1. A personal note to your baby

It can be about how you feel about your baby’s birth, how the family celebrated it, or how your baby is growing up.

2. Photos

This can include photos of yourself with your baby bump, or photos of just your baby. Anything, really.

3. A copy of the newspaper

Published on the day of your baby’s birth so they know what the world is like on their birthday!

4. Magazines

Entertainment magazines, fashion magazines, health magazines… They all allow your kid an insight of the trends at the time they were born.

5. Currency

Because currencies do change. If they do, this will allow your child to reminiscent of a past they might not remember clearly.

6. Receipts

This will give your child an idea of the cost of living.

7. More photos.

Include any noteworthy photos of the family or friends with your baby. It’ll be a good walk down memory lane.

8. Music

Put the current top-charting songs in a USB and hope that USBs won’t be obsolete when your kid grows up!

In a time capsule, anything goes. Just remember to keep it safe and dry, else it defeats the purpose!

7 Mum Milestones That You Should Totally Celebrate

Your baby’s milestones are important, but why not feel proud of your achievements too?

After struggling for 9 months (with more to come), you deserve to feel special too. So whip out your journal and note these momentous milestones down. Or better yet, reward yourself whenever you achieve some milestones. Because it’s not everyday that you get to experience these special memories that will make you cry or laugh out of happiness or exasperation.

1. First trip outside with your baby

Source: Apt Parenting

It might just be a short trip around the block, but it sure feels like a huge moment for you and your baby. After making sure that your baby is bundled safe and sound in their stroller, you take the first step out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a walk that’ll take 5 minute or 1 hour (we doubt it), it’s the action that matters.

2. First time breastfeeding

What’s this unfamiliar sensation? What’s this pain that you’re experiencing? All these might feel unfamiliar, but you’ll soon get used to it.

3. First time you sleep through the night

Source: Huffington Post

Who knew this was possible, right? But exhaustion can get to you, and before you know it, you’ll have slept through the night without any disruptions.

4. First baby sitter

Let another person take care of your baby? Sounds like a suggestion from hell. But you have to take the first step forward – whether it’s because you have errands to run or you just need some me-time.

5. First Mother’s Day

Source: Etsy

All these years you’ve wondered how it feels like to be a mother, and now, you’re celebrating your first Mother’s Day.

6. First sex

Maybe you’ve been craving for it, maybe you’re just not in the mood to do it. Whatever it is, having sex for the first time in a long time might not feel as rejuvenating, so pat yourself on your back for a job well done.

7. First time you realise you love your baby more than yourself

Now, you’ve achieved THE milestone of motherhood.

Royal Family Inspired Names For Your Little Prince

Not over the #royalwedding hype yet?

We’ve come up with a list of royal names for your baby princess, so here are some for your little prince:

Source: Nameberry

1. Harry

Named after the Duke of Sussex. An obvious choice, but a good one nevertheless.

2. William

Named after the Duke of Cambridge

3. Andrew

Named after Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

4. Charles

Named after the Prince of Wales.

5. Richard

Named after Richard III, King of England.

6. Henry

Named after the Duke of Gloucester.

7. Michael

Named after Prince Michael of Kent.

8. Philip

Named after the Duke of Edinburgh.

9. Alastair

Named after Prince Alastair of Connaught.

10. Victor

Named after Prince Albert Victor of Wales.

11. Leopold

Named after the Duke of Albany.

12. Augustus

Named after the first Duke of Sussex.

13. Frederick

Named after the past Prince of Wales.

14. Edward

Named after King Edward VIII.

15. George

Named after the baby Prince George of Cambridge.

Royal Family Inspired Names For Your Little Princess

With the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle happening, it’s difficult to not get into a frenzy over it.

If you’re looking for royalty-inspired names, look no further. We’re here to help you name your princess with a name that will inspire awe from people.

Source: Playbuzz

1. Diana

This is a classic one, named after the Princess of Wales.

2. Patricia

Named after Princess Patricia of Connaught.

3. Alexandra

Named after Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy.

4. Eugenie

Named after Princess Eugenie of York.

5. Margaret

Named after Princess Margaret of York.

6. Marie

Named after Princess Marie of Hanover.

7. Helena

Named after the daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Helena.

8. Victoria

Or you could name your daughter after Queen Victoria herself.

9. Charlotte

Named after Princess Charlotte, daughter of George III.

10. Elizabeth

Another classic one, named after Queen Elizabeth II.

11. Mary

Named after Her Majesty The Queen Mary.

12. Caroline

Named after Princess Caroline of Hanover.

13. Amelia

Named after Princess Amelia of Hanover.

14. Anne

Named after Princess Anne of Edinburg.

15. Sophia

Named after Princess Sophia of Gloucester.

Best Apps For Recording Your Baby’s Growing-Up Moments

We’ve had guides on what kind of milestones to jot down, unconventional firsts for your baby, and creative ways to record them. But face it – all these mean nothing if you don’t have the time or drive to chronicle your baby’s journey.

We’re not blaming you if you stop recording your baby’s journey halfway through, because we know how tough it is to juggle work and family.

Well, we have good news for you. As they say, there’s an app for everything. This includes baby milestones apps. Photos apps, journaling apps, sharing apps – there’s everything out there.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Tinybeans

Source: Tinybeans

Tinybeans is an app created by parents for parents. This means that they know what exactly you want and need. It has a wide range of features and easy-to-use interface: with just one click, you can upload a photo, video, milestone or simply a note. All these is kept organised by the calendar feature.

Available for download on Android and iOS devices.

2. Moment Garden

Source: Moment Garden

This free journal is simple to use, with minimal interface and a beautiful timeline view. A special feature is its suggestion engine for milestones and moments. Want a look back at previous moments? Moment Garden has got you covered, as they will send your reminders of moments from the past year(s).

Available for download on Android and iOS devices.

3. Peekaboo Moments

Source: Peekaboo Moments

This one strips away all the extra features and provides you a basic baby scrapbook. You can record your thoughts and add photos and moments to you. This is perfect for you if you’re constantly bamboozled by new technology.

Available for download on Android and iOS devices.

4. 1 Second Everyday

Source: 1 Second Everyday

This isn’t a baby-specific app, but it is still useful. Like its name, this app only requires you to spend 1 second on it every day. Just record a one-second video on the app every day and by the end of the year, the app will stitch together a beautiful video for viewing. It is easy and produces a memorable moment too.

Available for download on Android and iOS devices.

5. Lifecake

Source: Lifecake

This app allows you to upload photos and videos, but its best feature lies in that it allows you to add siblings. You can also zoom in on a specific age and compare stages.

Available for download on Android and iOS devices.

6. Day One Journal

Source: Day One Journal

Despite being an app that isn’t geared towards the baby crowd, it is oddly easy for mothers to use. Adding photos and videos is of course a must, and entries are easily organised by date. The app has also earned praise for its elegant interface. If you’re too busy to type, you can use its voice recognition capability to note down whatever you want.

Available for download on Android and iOS devices.

5 Creative Ways To Record Your Baby’s Milestones

This week is all about your baby’s milestones.

We covered unconventional firsts in our last article. This time, we’ll be talking about creative ways to record those memories.

Instead of the usual scrap book/notebook, here are some ways to preserve those precious moments:

1. Voice recording

While writing requires extreme concentration, you can choose to be more relaxed with a voice recording. It is also easier to capture thoughts as they form, as you don’t have to filter it through your mind. Another good thing about voice recording is that you can record your baby’s noises. Babbling, laughing, crying, singing – anything will do.

2. Photobooks

Source: Etsy

Take photos of all your baby’s milestones. Instead of printing the photos and pasting it on a scrapbook, opt for a photo book instead. It will be in high quality and will not fall apart that easily. This means that you’ll be able to look back at those good times with your kid in the future.

3. Videos

With cameras being an integral part of smartphones, recording videos are as easy as ABC. Whenever it feels like your baby will be doing something notable, whip out your smartphone and start recording it. Even if they end up not doing anything noteworthy, the video will still record another precious moment.

4. Write letters

Source: From Dahlias to Doxies

This is a spin-off of the journal method. Instead of recording down moments as they are, direct it as letters to your kid. Tell them how these milestones make you feel, and describe in detail the moments. Bind them all together and you have a notebook full of letters for your child to read.

5. Incorporate a hashtag

Social media is such a prevalent part of life now. If you’re an active social media user, why not start an original hashtag to record your baby’s moments? This way, friends and family who have videos or photos of your baby can jump on that hashtag too!

Unconventional Baby Firsts To Record In Baby Book

Forget the conventional firsts.

Of course, things like your baby’s first diaper change, first tooth, first laugh, and first time saying mama or dada are important. But that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to those milestones.

Source: The Baby Drawer

Here are some creative firsts that you’ll look back with fond memories:

1. The first time they curse.

Or something that resembles a curse – because y’know, babies like to imitate the people around them.

2. The first time they fall asleep right smack into their meal.

Because what’s cuter than having to clean up after them, right?

3. The first time they do something embarrassing in public.

Face it, you’d still probably think your baby is cute as hell.

4. The first time they do something that made you regret your life choices.

Yup, babies are adorable. But sometimes… sometimes, you just get so mad your regret everything.

5. The first time they steal food from you (or people around them).

Trust us, babies know how important food is.

6. The first time your baby regurgitates his/her food.

Relive the moment you have to see food being regurgitated out of your baby’s mouth for the first time.

7. The first time they get stuck on something.

Whip out your phones and record this because it is blackmail material for the future.

8. The first time your kid throws a tantrum. 

Remember this moment and use this to guilt-trip them when they’re grown up. (No, we’re kidding – guilt-tripping them isn’t a good parenting method.)

Celebrate Babyland SS2’s 36th Birthday With Sales & Giveaways!

Babyland has come a long way since their establishment in 1982.

36 years ago, they started off as a family-owned business aimed to help make shopping for baby supplies more convenient. 36 years later, they’ve managed to stay true to their identity and has established themselves as a go-to resource for all things baby.

It is a brand we have all grown up with. From daily essentials like bottles, diapers and breastfeeding pumps to books and baby care, Babyland has it all – catering for mothers and babies alike.

Next Friday (25th May) will see the shop celebrating their 36th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, Babyland will be holding a sale!

Items under these brands will be sold at a discounted rate:

  • Munchkin (36% off selected items)
  • Bright Stars (36% off selected items)
  • Little Been (36% off selected items)
  • VTech (36% off selected items)
  • Playgro (36% off selected items)
  • Nuby (36% off selected items)
  • NUK (36% off selected items)
  • Clevamama (36% off selected items)
  • Playette (36% off selected items)
  • Tommee Tippee (36% off selected items)
  • Aleva Naturals (20% off selected items)
  • Jack N’ Jill (36% off selected items)
  • JJ Cole Collections (36% off selected items)
  • Charlie Banana (36% off selected items)
  • Snapkis (36% off selected items)
  • Summer (36% off selected items)
  • Bumbo (36% off selected items)
  • Bumble Bee (36% off selected items with white tags)
  • Bacoff (36% off selected items)

Whew, that’s an extensive list!

But wait. That’s not all 😉

Babyland will also be giving away prizes and gift vouchers to thank their wonderful customers.

Prizes include a Graco Junior Baby Sport Luxe, a Looping Squizz 2, a Joie Mimzy Stacker Highchair, 30 Fisher Price goodies, 36 Mamy Poko Japan Airfit, and 26 Merries diapers.

Cash vouchers will also be given out.

Babyland’s products are not only of great quality, it is affordably priced as well. Products have all met American, European, Australian, and Japanese safety standards so there’s no cause for worry.

Babyland also understands the hectic lifestyle of parents. Juggling work and caring for your family is not an easy feat. To make parents’ life hassle-free, Babyland also has a same-day and next-day delivery service in the Klang Valley.

If you have any questions or inquiries, Babyland’s friendly staff are always ready to help with their knowledge and gift ideas.

Babyland’s birthday sales will take place from 25th May to 27th May, so be sure to drop by to grab some great deals! Alternatively, you can visit their website.

For more details, check out Babyland SS2’s Facebook page and Instagram.