Folic Acid Prevents Birth Defects

Folic acid is an essential prenatal vitamin which can help prevent birth defects of your baby’s brain and spinal cord.

It is advised that you take the recommended 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day starting a month before you try to become pregnant and during your pregnancy. However, it is best to get the recommended amount from your healthcare practitioner due to differences in body type.


What Is Folic Acid?

Folic Acid is a water soluble vitamin belonging to the B-complex group of vitamins. They help your body break down complex carbs into simple sugars to be used as energy. Excess B vitamins are excreted from the body, thus making it necessary to have sufficient daily intake of this vitamin.

Folic acid is found in leafy green vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, beets, brussel sprouts, poultry, liver, wheat germ, mushrooms, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and more.

Why Should You Take Folic Acid?

1. Birth Defects Occur Early

Did you known that birth defect occur within the first 3 to 4 weeks of pregnancy? It is extremely vital to have folic acid in your system during the early stages of your baby’s brain and spinal cord development.

2. Preventing Neural Tube Defects

Folate deficiency might affect your baby’s neural tube. A neural tube is a hollow structure from which the brain and spinal cord form. These health problems are called neural tube defects. They include:

  • Spina bifida: an inborn defect of the spine such that part of the spinal cord and meninges become exposed through a gap in the backbone. This could potentially cause paralysis of the lower limbs, and at times, learning difficulties.
  • Anencephaly: a severe congenital condition such that a large part of the skull is absent a long with its cerebral hemispheres of the brain. Usually, babies with anencephaly do not live long.

3. Protection Against Other Defects

In babies:

  • Premature birth
  • Underweight
  • Cleft lip and palate

In mothers:

  • Miscarriage
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Pregnancy complications

4. Your General Health

Folic acid helps your baby produce normal red blood cells and prevents a certain kind of anemia. It is vital for the production, repair, and functioning of DNA. Thus, it speeds up cell growth for your placenta and developing baby.

Signs of folic acid deficiency include diarrhea, anemia, loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, sore tongue, heart palpitations, and headaches. However, you might not notice any symptoms if you are mildly deficient since it mostly affects your baby’s early embryonic development.


Top 7 Ovulation Prediction Kits

Do you have an irregular menstrual cycle? It can be harder to predict your day of ovulation if you don’t have a regular 28 day cycle. Many women have resorted to ovulation prediction kits because they can be more accurate than other types of prediction.

The ovulation prediction kits come in either sticks or strips. They work by detecting a surge of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) in your urine, which signals the occurrence of ovulation in 24 to 48 hours. These method requires a lot of patience, but it could be very rewarding!

If you want to be in more control of conceiving a baby, here are 7 reliable ovulation prediction kits in the market:

1. PREGMATE 100 Ovulation LH and 20 Pregnancy HCG Test


These are easy to use, accurate, and highly reliable ovulation test strips. What’s more, they come with pregnancy test strips too. The strips are an inexpesive way to detect your fertile window.

Get the PREGMATE kit at Amazon for $24.95

2. ClinicalGuard 40 Ovulation Test Strips & 10 Pregnancy Test Strips Combo


If you want to start out with less strips, ClinicalGuard gives you a cheaper deal. With these test trips, you can see the line getting darker and darker each day you get closer to your ovulation. So, you get a good sense of your fertile days.

Get the ClinalGuard kit at Amazon for $11.45

3. Wondfo Combo Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests (50 LH + 20 HCG)


FDA-Approved and over 99% accurate. Slightly more expensive but still affordable.

Get the Wondfo Kit at Amazon for $20.49

4. Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Kit


This kit is highly recommended by reviewers. There are many talks of success after the first try. Save a little more with Easy@Home.

Get the Easy@Home kit at Amazon for $17.48

5. Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Ovulation Tests


A #1 OB-GYN recommended brand, the clearblue ovulation test is over 99% accurate at detecting your LH surge. The positive results are easy to read with the appearance of a smiley face.

Choose this if you find the strips to be a little too old-school and if you don’t mind the price. However, you will need to replace the plastic strips after 20 times of usage.

Get the Clearblue kit at Amazon for $35.49

6. Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit


This is the only ovulation test to accurately track TWO key fertility hormones, LH and estrogen. It gives you a 4 day instead of a 2 day prior-to-ovulation heads up. Why not give it a go?

Get the Clearblue advanced kit at Amazon for $42.97

7. First Response Ovulation/Pregnancy Test Value Pack


Here is another brand offering digital ovulation tests. Although, this one only comes with only 7 ovulation tests + 3 pregnancy tests.

Get the First Response kit at Amazon for $34.39

Take your pick, and don’t be discourage if you fail the first try. You might also want to compare different brands, as some work better than others depending on the individual.


Everything You Need To Know About Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a serious (and sometimes life-threatening) infection. According to Kids Health,  the disease is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi (S. typhi) – which are related to the salmonella bacteria that cause food poisoning. They typically live in humans and are shed through a person’s feces (poop) or urine (pee).

The site adds that the infection happens when a person eats or drinks something contaminated with the bacteria. When the bacteria gets into the body, they quickly multiply and spread into the bloodstream.

Signs and symptoms 

Typhoid fever can come on suddenly or very gradually over a few weeks. The disease usually causes a high fever, a stomachache, and achiness a week or two after exposure to the bacteria (but sometimes later).

If the infection isn’t treated, a person may lose weight; develop a swollen or bloated belly; or develop a red, spotted rash on the lower chest or upper belly. Without treatment, typhoid fever may last a month or more and become very serious. In most cases, the symptoms start to go away in the third and fourth weeks, as long as the disease doesn’t cause any other health problems. Sometimes, after the illness seems gone it can come back.

After recovering from typhoid fever, some people become carriers of the bacteria. This means that they’ll have no symptoms, but do have the bacteria in their bodies and can pass it on to others.

How is typhoid fever treated?

Typhoid fever is treated with antibiotics that kill the bacteria. It’s important to take the medicine for the whole time that the doctor prescribes, even if your child feels better. If you stop it too soon, some bacteria could remain.

Most kids start feeling better within 2 to 3 days of beginning treatment. Offer your child plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Kids who are severely dehydrated due to diarrhea might need to get IV (intravenous) fluids in a hospital or other medical care facility. Kids with typhoid fever should stay home until the disease has run its course and a doctor makes sure that the bacteria are gone.

Acetaminophen can also help reduce fever and make your child feel more comfortable. Call a doctor immediately if your child’s symptoms last, if they go away and come back, or if your child has any new symptoms.


Check with your local doctor on the type of vaccines available in the country. If your child is traveling to an area where typhoid fever is common, you’ll need to ask your doctor for the vaccine. Kids should be vaccinated at least 1 to 2 weeks before travel.

9 Baby Names Inspired By “Pacific Rim Uprising”

If you were a fan of “Pacific Rim” in 2013, the sequel “Pacific Rim Uprising” is finally out! This action-packed monsters versus robots movie is filled with strong male and female characters.

If you love this movie, you might want to consider naming your baby after one of your favorite characters or actors. Check out this list of 9 baby names inspired by “Pacific Rim Uprising”:

1. Amara


A new favorite member of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp. Amara is a self-taught engineer who is witty, sarcastic, and sharper than most people.

Amara seems to have many origins and meanings. In German, it means “steadfast”. In Sanskrit, it means “immortal”.

2. Cailee

Cailee is the name of the actress who played Amara.

This name is of celtic origin meaning “pure”

2. Mako


Secretary General of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp, Mako is competent, formidable, and a perfectionist at heart.

Pronounced as MAH-koh. Originating from Japanese, Mako means “child of truth”.

3. Jules


She builds and fixes the big robots. As described by Adria Arjona, the actress playing Jules: “She’s Not tough, she is just a strong woman who is good at her job.”

This is a French derived baby name meaning “youthful”.

4. Ryoichi


A stunning and dedicated cadet of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp.

Of Japanese origin, Ryoichi means “good, clear, one”.

5. Jake


A black market retailer turned hero. Jake is someone who lives up to his potential.

Jake is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, it means “he grasps the heel”.

6. Nate


Nate, is an officer of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. He is the star of the jaeger fleet in Uprising.

Another name of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift of God”. It is an abbreviation of Nathan.

7. Newt


A scientist working in K-Science Lab of the Defense Corps. This is a man who will remain upbeat in the face of chaos.

Short for Newton, Newt means “a small salamander”. Funny, Newt Scamander is the main character of J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

8. Hermann


Another scientist working in the same lab. Hermann is analytic and fastidious.

Derived from the distinguished family name of very ancient German origin, meaning “army man”.

9. Ilya

A cheeky and quirky character.

The East Slavic form of the name Elijah, meaning “my god is Yahu”. It is pronounced with stress on the second, not first, syllable.

If you liked this article, check out our 10 Baby Names Inspired by “Black Panther”.







Baby Forums in Malaysia and Singapore

Are you looking for a breastfeeding support group? Do you have questions about pregnancy that you want to ask anonymously?

You can find a community of supportive moms through baby forums. If you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable about asking certain questions about your pregnancy, the internet is always a good first step.

We have compiled a list of baby forums in Malaysia and Singapore for your convenience. These forums are site-specific, thus contextualizing your needs. Though, at the end of the day, forums do not have to be localized. Feel free to explore outside of your region.


  1. Malaysia Baby Forum

Topics of discussion include general pregnancy, trying to conceive, gynecologists and obstetricians reviews, and confinement period.

2. Lowyat’s Pregnancy & Parenting Forum


The threads include “All About Pregnancy”, “Confinement Lady”, “Thread for Husband and Father”, “Babysitting Service Offered/ Babysitter Wanted”. You can find questions as specific as those about birth certificates and Down syndrome.

3. Malaysian Motherhood


This forum is more focused on pregnancy itself. They also have a support group for those trying after a loss and those dealing with issues of infertility.


  1. Singapore Motherhood

This is an active and well-organized forum. The threads include very tough questions titled “Matters Of The Heart”; there is no shame in your queries and troubles. This baby forum is also a meeting place for mothers and mothers-to-be. Moms from each year are given their own sections; a truly solidarity act!

2. MummySG Singapore Motherhood and Parenting Forum


Navigate through general pregnancy discussions, Singapore’s obstetricians and gynecologists with ease. We like that Mummy SG have special groups that deal with breastfeeding, special needs children, overseas mummy, and single parents. It’s important not to be isolated, watch out for events, meet ups, and gatherings.

3. Baby Forum Singapore


Although without a mother’s socializing platform, this baby forum has a large focus on early parenting, including discussions about newborn care, pediatrician clinics, and child care centres.

4. Singapore Expats Forum for Moms-to-be and Moms


The topics here are not organized into categories, but simply listed. Here, you will find topics ranging from baby milk to sperm donor facilities.

Irresistibly Cute Easter Baby Outfits

Easter is coming up fast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dress your baby up for the occasion. If you need ideas on cute easter baby outfits, we’ve got you!

  1. VioletsPlayground’s Newborn crochet bunny hat with tail

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? They are hand crocheted using white and pink yarn. The bunny hat comes with a fluffy tail which you can lay on your baby.

If you want to alter the colors used, they take custom orders too.

Get the crochet bunny hat with tail at Etsy for $29.50

2. HatAndColdCrochet’s Baby Bunny Hat and Diaper Cover


Another crochet set, but this one comes with a diaper cover. This diaper cover is tapered around the legs for a secured fit. The waist can also be adjusted to several sizes.

Get the tan crochet baby set at Etsy for $51

3. LoveAndLollipopsBaby’s blue chevron 1st Easter Onesie


Every baby needs a 1st Easter Outfit, and nothing looks cuter on a baby boy than suspenders and a bow tie. The words are embroidered while the bow tie is safety-pinned on for easy removal.

Get the 1st Easter Onesie at Etsy for $28.95

4. Carter’s 3-piece Dress Me Up Set


Another smart looking outfit for your baby boy featuring a long-sleeve button-front top, twill pants with adjustable waistband, and a removable chambray bow tie. The combination of colors are perfect for the spring festivities.

For 6 to 24 months old babies.

Get the 3-Piece Dress Me Up Set at Carters for $23

5. Lenny Lemons’ Lucca Baby Romper


This earthy soft green goes well with the colors of Easter. It is both sophisticated and casual, making it perfect for any occasion too.

Get the Lucca Baby Romper at Lenny Lemon for $36.99 (original price at $82.99)

6. Carter’s Baby Girl Bunny Diaper Cover Set


We really couldn’t resist these bunny pockets! Not only that, it’s quite possible that this yellow onesie will become your baby’s favorite everyday wear.

For newborns to 18 months babies.

Get Carter’s Bunny Diaper Cover Set at Kohl’s for $14.99 (Original at $26)

7. Just One You’s Knitted Easter Bunny Slipper Booties

Here is a pair of snow white knitted booties to keep cute little feet warm and cozy. The nice thing about knitted booties is that they have soft soles that are very comfortable.

For newborns only.

Get these booties at Target for $7.99

8. Hallmark Baby’s Sweet Teal Baby Booties


Hipster booties for your baby? We just love the design and color! You have to admit this is perfect for the spring season, plus it’s unisex.

For newborns to 6 months babies.

Get the Teal Baby Booties at Hallmark Baby for $8.95 (Original at $15)

9. Pottery Barn Kids’ Green Seersucker Easter Basket Liners


Easter isn’t complete without the egg hunt, so why not spruce up an ordinary basket with baby chicks embroidered on a green seersucker liner?

Get the Green Seersucker Easter Basket Liners at Pottery Barn Kids for $11-$14 (Original at $19.50-$24.50)

Please note that the discounted price as noted is for a limited time only.

Unique Gender-Neutral Easter Baby Names

Whether you are religious or not, Easter is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and spring. The easter egg is symbolic of new life and fertility. If you are expecting a baby around Easter, we’ve curated a list of gender-neutral names inspired by Easter one way or another.

These gender neutral sounding names can be re-appropriated for your baby regardless of gender as they are a combination of the masculine and feminine. The perks of giving your little one a gender-neutral baby name is to allow equal room for the baby to shape the name and the name to shape the baby.

  1. Brooks

Traditionally used as a surname and scarcely known as a first name. A brook is a small stream. Brooks is believed to have been derived dwelling near a stream. It can be traced to it’s Swedish roots, where the name “Bäckland” meaning “bäck” translates into brook. The name also has roots in the English, Gaelic, and Scottish through the possessive case of brook, i.e. of the brook. Topographic names can be gender-neutral.

Brooks has a casual and cheerful ring to it. Meaning-wise, a child named after a stream is fluid and flows like water.

2. Arlo

Pronounced as AR-loh. Derived from Old English, where “har” (hare) or “ear” (eagle) is combined with “lo” which is topographic, meaning “mound”, “cairn”, “hill”. As such, Arlo can mean “eagle’s hill” or “hare’s clearing”.

Arlo is a majestic name. Destined for a child that commands space with ease.

3. Angel

An ancient Greek name, Angelos. In Greek mythology, Angelos was one of Hermes’ epithets and also the daughter of Zeus and Hera. It means “angel” or “messenger”.

An inhabitant of the sky! Your little one will always be elevated with this name.

Source: pinterest

4. Bezai

Pronounced as bay-tsah-ee. Bezai is a biblical name originating in Hebrew. It means “conqueror”. Bezai was the head of a family that returned from the Babylonian captivity with Ezra.

Bezai is a strong name, but who says femininity can’t have strength and muscle. Either way, bay-tsah-ee has a unique dance-y ring to it. It will be a name that shines, puzzles, and mystifies.

5. Leif

Pronounced as l-ai-f or life. Leif is of Scandinavian origin, derived from the Old Norse name Leifr which means “heir” or “descendant”. The first letter of the name in runes is “laguz” or “laukr” which have special reference to the seas and lakes. A symbol of life.

Soft and masculine. The barer of this name will garner respect and popularity. She/he will grow up to inhabit the higher social status; that of an elder.

6. Arley

Pronounced as Ar-lee. With origins in Old English, Arley means “hare meadow” or “rock meadow”. On the other hand, in Hebrew, the name means “promise”.

Arley sounds light and sweet. The softest name compared to the other five above, yet still a gender-neutral baby name.

7. Pascal

Pronounced as Pahs-kall. Pascal originated from Latin and means “relating to Easter”. The Christian given name is from the meaning “one born on Easter day”.

A very symbolic name and we can’t think of a name that is more of a Easter baby name. This name should be taken as it is. No subtext, no hidden meanings.

A Little History of Babyland Malaysia And Reasons To Shop There

For its 36th anniversary, we are doing a special feature on a baby store, Babyland Malaysia located in the friendly neighborhood of SS2, Petaling Jaya. Set up by a Malaysian couple and sustained for three generations, the Babyland family is passionate about helping parents spend quality time with their children. Not only that, they strongly believe in improving their product range according to your needs. They want to hear your feedback and be your friend!

And so, we came up with 4 reasons why you need to check out this baby store.


1. Your one-stop baby store.

At Babyland, you can fulfill all your baby’s needs. They provide a comprehensive range of products including baby gear, feeding kits, bath materials, baby formula, home & safety equipment, baby and maternity clothing, and toys. What more do you need?


2. Brands!

If you are looking for world-class products, here is the place. Medela breast pumps are very convenient for multiple pumps per day. What’s more, with Dr. Brown’s baby bottles, don’t worry about your baby ingesting BPA. Don’t forget to check out award winning Recaro’s ergonomic car seats. Did you know that the Zero. 1 car seat can be turned 360 degrees which makes securing your baby in your car must easier? How convenient is that?


3. Affordable.

But, wait a minute, don’t worry if you’re not going for the brands. We understand that some people prefer the simpler and more old-school products. As you can see, this baby store sells at various price ranges. Their goal is to serve your needs! Also, look out for their upcoming anniversary sale. Check back on us to find a guide for this event.


4. It’s online too!

Tired of the rituals of baby shopping? Having to brace the awful traffic or the impossible parking situation in Klang Valley. Or, maybe you don’t have a car? Babyland wants your life to be hassle-free. The online baby store is really easy to navigate. What’s more, they promise you speedy delivery.

Find out more about Babyland baby store:

Opening Hours: Monday 10am to 7pm; Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 9.30pm

Address: 35-39, Jalan SS2/64, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47300, Malaysia

Phone: 03-78756650

Shop Online:


Instagram: Babyland.malaysia


7 Great Gift Ideas for Babies Under $25

Gift-giving is practiced since time immemorial. Many of us started receiving gifts before we were conscious of doing so. Unbeknownst to us, they nurtured us and became our great companions growing up.

It can be puzzling to find the best gift ideas for babies, especially since they can’t explicitly communicate what they desire. So, we’ve compiled a list of 7 great gift ideas for under $25. A small gift goes a long way.

  1. Matimati’s Bamboo Hooded Towel with Bear Ears

Towel up in eco-style! This premium natural bamboo hooded towel is made from durable, eco-friendly, and antibacterial bamboo which is much better and softer than cotton. It’s perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. There is nothing wrong with gushing over your baby’s new pair of cute bear ears.

Get the Bamboo Hooded Towel with Bear Ears at Matimati Baby for $22.95 (after discount). Hurry while stocks last!

2. Pottery Barn Kids’ Animals and Numbers Stacking Cubes


You’ve only got more to gain when you kill two birds with one stone. These stacking cubes combine learning and playing by helping small children develop motor skills and reasoning. The colors of these blocks are a real eye pleaser too!

Get the Animals And Numbers Stacking Cubes at Pottery Barn Kids for $22

3. Copper Pearl’s Knit Swaddle Blanket – Camel


Swaddling can keep babies from being disturbed by their own startle reflex which wakes them up.

This gorgeous color will go with any skin tone. They are extremely soft and perfectly stretchy making swaddling a lot easier. Here is a tight swaddle that’s hard for babies to wiggle out of. Furthermore, it’s really just an all-purpose receiving blanket!

Get the Camel Knit Swaddle Blanket at Copper Pearl for $24.95

4. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Infantino Foot Rattles in Tiger/Zebra




There is no denying how cute these foot rattles are. With ease, they slip onto little feet. With a little shake, they make a fun little rattle that babies love. It’ll be great for encouraging your baby to move, grab, and reach.

Get the Infantino Foot Rattles at Bed Bath & Beyond for $5.99 (ships to outside of the U.S.)

5. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

The name is self-evident; this is really a classic. Music is a great way to tickle your baby’s cognition. It’s good to expose your child to music making from very young to create a sense of creativity.

You can get the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone at Toys R Us for $16.99

6. Skip Hop Banda Buddied Activity Toy


Another multi-purpose gift: a soft toy and a teether. You can detach the teether and attach it around your wrist for easy access. Teethers can help a teething baby soothe his/her pain. Plus, this soft toy is multi-sensorial with textures, colors, patterns, and sounds that is sure to please any baby.

Get the Bandana Buddies Activity Toy at Skip Hop for $15.00

7. Bonjour Petit’s Bus Puzzle


A classic wooden puzzle with a design twist featuring a spectrum of primary colors. The collection features fashionable animals in a busy world. The little one will surely be happily challenged.

Get the Bus Puzzle at Bonjour Petit for $12.90

Top 11 Online Baby Stores In Malaysia

Say goodbye to parking lot chaos and heavy shopping bags 🙂

Thanks to the power of technology, shopping has become easier and faster. Instead of going to shopping malls, parents can now buy what they want and need with just a click of a button!

If you’re running low on baby supplies, here are the top online baby stores in Malaysia:


At OneBabyWorld, you’ll always find the latest trends and best products for you and your baby. But most importantly,  the site only source products whose brands hold the highest standards in Quality and Safety.

Motherhood is Malaysia’s Top Parenting Marketplace. From maternity, baby to kids, the site provides parenting guides and tips for new mothers and fathers. Besides that, new parents can read other mum’s testimonials or their blogs for guidance in choosing the right products, gadgets and services for their new born and little ones. Also, keep a look out for any monthly promotions!


This store is managed by real-life parents Eric and Grace. The name Ethissa is actually the name of their children – Ethan and Clarrisa. (Aww <3) Anyway, the couple opened the online store because they want to share “the good stuff” with other parents.

“One thing you ought to know is that we’ll not leave you in jeopardy. When you buy from us, we’ll jaga (take care of) you from start to finish,” wrote the site.

Oh Baby Store

Oh Baby Store was founded in 2014 by Belle Wong at Setia Alam, Selangor, Malaysia with a vision of deliver the best mom and baby product to every parent. Also, the online store is committed to offer parents with the best maternity, nursing, and infant products at value prices and always better value. is a new icon in shopping for baby products in Malaysia. Owned and managed by ACN Tech Sdn Bhd, the online baby shop is headquartered in Jln Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur selling the leading brands of baby products. Furthermore, the baby products sold here are carefully selected from leading baby products brands because they believe your child only deserves the best.


Established in 2009, Holabebe is committed to develop and produce high quality and affordable baby clothing. They hear and understand customers’ requirements and expectations of baby and children apparel. Step by step,  the store develop and design their own baby and children’s clothing to provide affordable and value-for-money products to customers.


No more running around from store to store looking for the right milk for your baby ’cause Babydash is here to save the day! Founded by Lavi and Shan – two mums who got tired of constantly running out to get diapers and milk for our babies – the site offers easy and convenient way for mothers (and of course, fathers) to run their diaper and milk errands.

The Baby Store

The Baby Store is an online store owned by Primera Vista Enterprise, which is selling baby and mother products. They have been founded and established since October 2012. Since then, the company have been growing everyday. “We strive to be one of the top and best online store out there,” wrote the site.


Shopping for baby strollers and car seats? Then look no further than Bebehaus. The online baby shop specializes in baby strollers, baby carriers, baby car seats and baby care products. With 15 years experience in the baby business under their belt, the site hopes to help narrow down the right product for all parents.

Established in the year 2010, is a subsidiary business trading under Leisureplex Sdn Bhd. The popular online store supply top quality baby products from leading brands especially from the Europe, United States and China. And that’s not all, parents can access delicious recipes and parenting tips through their blog.

Mothercare Malaysia

Mothercare started trading in Malaysia in 1985. Now, they have 14 stores country-wide with our flagship store located at KLCC. Not to mention, they have a strong reputation in specialism, quality, safety and innovation in their products and services for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and young children. Parents need more than products, they need wisdom. Moreover, Mothercare take spride in the fact that they’ve got the products and the people to manage parenting.