20 Most Popular Boy Names & Their Meanings

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is easier said than done. While you may want your child’s name to stand out, you also want it to be meaningful. So if you are expecting a boy or thinking of having one, here are the most popular baby boy names and their meanings:

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1. Noah 

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: To comfort/ rest
Famous namesake: Noah Baumbach (actor), Noah Rubin (tennis player)

2. Liam

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Strong-willed warrior and protector
Famous namesake: Liam Neeson (actor), Liam Hemsworth (actor), Liam Payne (singer)

3. Mason

Origin: French
Meaning: A builder and worker in stone
Famous namesake: Mason Gamble (actor), Mason Durell Betha (rapper)

4. Jacob

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Supplanter
Famous namesake: Jacob Bell (athlete), Jacob Young (actor)

5. William

Origin: German
Meaning: Resolute or brilliant
Famous namesake: William Shakespeare (playwright and poet), Prince William (Duke of Cambridge)

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6. Ethan

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Strong, firm
Famous namesake: Ethan Hawke (actor)

7. James

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Supplanter, heel-grabber
Famous namesake: James Corden (TV host), James Brown (singer)

8. Alexander

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defender of the people
Famous namesake: Alexander Graham Bell (inventor), Alexander McQueen (fashion designer), Alexander Skarsgård (actor)

9. Michael

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Who is like God?”
Famous namesake: Michael Jackson (singer), Michael Bublé (singer), Michael Jordan (basketball player)

10. Benjamin

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Son of the right hand
Famous namesake: Benjamin Franklin (politician), Benjamin King (actor)

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11. Elijah

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The Lord is my God
Famous namesake: Elijah Wood (actor)

12. Daniel

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is my judge
Famous namesake: Daniel Craig (actor), Daniel Radcliffe (actor)

13. Aiden

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Fiery one
Famous namesake: Aidan Gould (actor)

14. Logan

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: From the hollow
Famous namesake: Logan Mankins (athlete) Logan Lerman (actor)

15. Matthew

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Gift of God
Famous namesake: Matthew McConaughey (actor), Matthew Perry (actor), Matthew Vaughn (director)

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16. Lucas

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Light giving
Famous namesake: Lucas Till (actor)

17. Jackson

Origin: English, Scottish
Meaning: Son of Jack or John
Famous namesake: Jackson Wang (singer), Jackson Douglas (actor)

18. David

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Dearly loved
Famous namesake: David Beckham (footballer), David Hasselhoff (actor), David Bowie (singer)

19. Oliver

Origin: English, Latin
Meaning: Peaceful or the olive tree
Famous namesake: Oliver Stone (director), Oliver Hudson (actor)

20. Jayden

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God has Heard
Famous namesake: Jayden Smith (actor and singer)