20 Most Popular Girl Names & Their Meanings

We know, we know. Picking a name for your little one is tough! There are a few things to consider when choosing a name, including sound, meaning, initials, uniqueness, and more. So if you are expecting a girl or thinking of having one, here are the most popular baby girl names and their meanings:

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1. Emma

Origin: German
Meaning: Complete, whole, universal; can also mean nanny
Famous Namesake: Emma Stone (actress), Emma Watson (actress), Emma Thompson (actress)

2. Olivia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Olive tree
Famous Namesake: Olivia Newton John (singer and actress), Olivia Wilde (actress)

3. Ava

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Like a bird
Famous Namesake: Ava DuVernay (Director)

4. Isabella

Origin: Italian, Spanish
Meaning: Variation of Elizabeth
Famous Namesake: Isabella Rossellini (actress), Isabella Leong (actress)

5. Sophia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Wisdom
Famous Namesake: Sophia Bush (actress)

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6. Mia

Origin: Hebrew, Italian, French, and Scandinavian
Meaning: Bitter/mine
Famous Namesake: Mia Wasikowska (actress), Mia Hamm (athlete)

7. Amelia

Origin: English, Latin
Meaning:  Industrious, hard working
Famous Namesake: Amelia Earhart (aviation pioneer and author), Amelia Liana (beauty blogger and YouTuber)

8. Charlotte

Origin: French
Meaning: Free man
Famous Namesake: Charlotte Bronte (author), Charlotte Rae (actress)

9. Harper

Origin: English
Meaning: Minstrel
Famous Namesake: Harper Lee (author)

10. Aria

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Air
Famous Namesake: Aria Johnson (actress), Aria Wallace (actress)

Source: SheKnows

11. Ella

Origin: English, Greek
Meaning: A beautiful fairy woman
Famous Namesake: Ella Young (poet), Ella Anderson (actress)

12. Evelyn

Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Life, giver of life
Famous Namesake: Evelyn Scott (writer)

13. Abigail

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Gives joy, my father rejoices
Famous Namesake: Abigail Breslin (singer and actress)

14. Emily

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Industrious, striving
Famous Namesake: Emily Blunt (actress), Emily Dickinson (Poet), Emily Bronte (author)

15. Avery

Origin: English
Meaning: Counsel
Famous Namesake: Avery Rose (YouTuber)

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16. Scarlett 

Origin: English
Meaning: Bright red
Famous Namesake: Scarlett Johansson (actress)

17. Madison

Origin: Teutonic
Meaning: Son of Maud
Famous Namesake: Madison Beer (YouTuber and singer), Madison Keys (tennis player)

18. Chloe

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A young green shoot
Famous Namesake: Chloe Grace Moretz (actress), Chloë Sevigny (actress and fashion designer), Chloe Bennet, (actress)

19. Sofia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Wisdom
Famous Namesake: Sofia Vergara (actress)

20. Lily

Origin: Greek
Meaning: From the flower, a symbol of purity in Christianity
Famous Namesake: Lily Tomlin (actress), Lily Collins (actress)