20 Artsy Bohemian Baby Names For Boys & Girls

If you’re searching for a unique, artsy, and romantic name for your little one, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out some of our favorite Bohemian names below:

Source: Pinterest
1. Delilah 

Origin: Old Testament
Meaning: Delight or amorous

2. Saige

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Wise

3. Aurora

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Dawn

4. Allegra 

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Joyous

5. Claudine

Origin: French from Latin
Meaning: Enclosure

6. Luna

Origin: Latin
Meaning: The moon

7. Daisy

Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Meaning: The day’s eye

8. Tamara

Origin: Biblical
Meaning: Date palm tree

9. Ivy

Origin: Old English
Meaning: “Ifig”, also considered the Celtic symbol of friendship.

10. Paisley

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: Church

Source: Pinterest
1. Lennox

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: From the field of elm trees

2. Kai

Origin: Hawaiian
Meaning: Sea

3. Ansel

Origin: German
Meaning: God’s protection

4. Eryk

Origin: Norse
Meaning: Lovable

5. Asher 

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Fortunate, happy, blessed

6. Flint 

Origin: Old High German
Meaning: Hard Stones

7. Xander

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Protector of men

8. Riordan 

Origin: Irish
Meaning: King or poet

9. Finn

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Fair

10. Leif

Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Heir or descendant