20 Baby Girl Names With The X-Factor

Choosing a name for your little one is a big challenge. Are you looking for a unique and edgy name for your one-of-a-kind daughter? Are you are after names with the cool letter “X” in it? If your answer is yes, then this is for you.

Check out our list of these X-ceptional baby girl names that will add some extra spice to your naming process of your little princess.

Source: babiessucces.com
1. Xiomara

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Famous in war.

2. Xeni

Origin: Guatemalan
Meaning: Protector of plants, flowers.

3. Maxine

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Greatest.

4. Roxanne

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Dawn of day.

5. Alexandra

Origin: Greek
Meaning: To defend.

6. Xyla

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Woodland dweller.

Source: cafemom.com
7. Dixie

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Tenth.

8. Oxsana

Origin: Russian
Meaning: Praise be to God.

9. Exaviera


10. Calixta

Origin: Greek
Meaning: She that is most beautiful.

11. Trixie

Origin: Latin
Meaning: She who brings happiness.

12. Xena

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Guest

13. Nyx

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Goddess of the night.

14. Xanthe

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Yellow, fair hair.

Source: pinterest
15. Xenobia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Of Zeus.

16. Xaviera

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Bright, splendid.

17. Xylona

Origin: Greek
Meaning: From the forest.

18. Xenia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Hospitable, welcoming.

19. Alexa

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Defending men.

20. Bellatrix

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Female warrior.


Sources: CafeMom, Nameberry.