15 Sweet Pairs Of Baby Names For Twin Girls

Congratulations! You’re going to have a beautiful pair of twin girls. Although you’ll have double the number of diapers to change, your twins will also give you twice the fun and laughter.

Having twins also mean that you have to come up with two names. If you have no idea where to start, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite matching names (and their meanings) for your little loves:

1. Madison & Mackenzie

Meaning: Madison comes from the English surname meaning “son of Maud”; Mackenzie means “fire-born”.

2. Hailey & Harper

Meaning: Hailey is composed of the Old English elements hēg (hay) and lēah (wood, clearing, meadow); Harper means “harp player”.

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3. Hannah & Heidi

Meaning: Hannah is derived from the Hebrew hannāh which means “gracious, full of grace, mercy”; Heidi is the pet form of Adalheid (noble one) and Hildegard (battle protector).

4. Addison & Avery

Meaning: Addison is a last name derived from the name Adam; Avery means “ruling with elf-wisdom” in French and “counselor” in English.

5. Ella & Emma

Meaning: Ella means “beautiful fairy woman”; Emma means “complete, whole, universal” in German.

6. Gabriella & Isabella

Meaning: Gabriella is the eminine form of Gabriel, which is derived from the Hebrew gavhrī’ēl (God is my strength); Isabella is a variation of Elizabeth, which means “God is my oath).

7. Haylee & Kaylee

Meaning: Haylee is the transferred use of a Northern English surname derived from Hale or Hales (residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley); Kaylee is derived from caol (slender).

8. Tanya & Tasha

Meaning: Tanya is originally a Russian pet form of Tatiana; Tasha is the Russian pet form of the name Natalie (natal day, Christmas).

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9. Natalie & Nicole

Meaning: Natalie is a name derived from diēs nātālis (natal day, Christmas), Nicole is the feminine form of Nicolas, which is from the Greek Nikolaos (“victory of the people”).

10. Valerie & Vanessa

Meaning: Valerie means “to be strong, healthy”; Vanessa was invented by Jonathan Swift for a lover named Esther Vanhomrigh.

11. Faith & Hope

Meaning: Faith and Hope are virtue names.

12. London & Paris

Meaning: London and Paris (made famous by Paris Hilton) are destination names.

13. Felicia & Alicia

Meaning: Felicia means “happy”; Alicia means “nobility”.

14. Charlotte & Charlene

Meaning: Charlotte and Charlene are the Female diminutive of Charles, meaning “man, strong”.

15. Mia & Maya

Meaning: Mia’s Latin origin meaning is “mine” or “wished-for child”, Maya’s Latin origin meaning is “great”.

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