16 Baby Girl Names With The Z-Factor

As you are going through the alphabets for the perfect name for your little girl, don’t forget to scroll til the end. The fabulous names that contain the unique letters is on the last line up of the alphabets. Add the Z-factor to your naming process.

Here’s our picks of these beautiful and edgy names for your little princess.

Source: babiessuccess.com

1. Inez

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Pure, holy.

2. Eliza

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Pledged to God.

3. Hazel

Origin: English
Meaning: The hazelnut tree.

4. Zoey

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Life.

5. Charlize

Origin: French from German.
Meaning: Free man.

6. Suzanne

Origin: French
Meaning: Lily.

7. Zara

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Princess, to blossom.

8. Zeta

Origin: Italian or Persian; Greek
Meaning: Little girl; seeker.

9. Zelda

Origin: German
Meaning: Gray fighting maid.

10. Zola

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Earth.

Source: freehdwallspapers.blogspot.my

11. Zanthe

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Yellow.

12. Zinnia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: From the flower.

13. Liz

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: My God is a vow.

14. Izellah

Origin: American
Meaning: Little Princess.

15. Azalea

Origin: English
Meaning: A flower.

16. Zadie

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Princess.

Sources: The Name Meaning, Nameberry.