16 Baby Boy Names With The Z-Factor

Names with Z aren’t all that common. Whether this 26th alphabet is placed in front, in the middle or at the end of your baby’s name, it sounds cool and edgy!

Here are 16 of our favorite baby names that contain Z that are modern and cool!

Source: aliexpress.com
1. Ezekiel

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God strengthens.

2. Zane

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God’s gracious gift.

3. Zachary

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The Lord has remembered.

4. Cruz

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: The cross bearer.

5. Buzz

Origin: American
Meaning: Village In The Woods.

6. Blaze

Origin: Latin
Meaning: One who stutters.

7. Cortez

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Courteous.

8. Zion

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Highest point.

9. Gomez

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Man.

Source: pinterest
10. Heinz

Origin: German
Meaning: Household ruler.

11. Luiz

Origin: Portuguese
Meaning: Famous warrior.

12. Oz

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Strength, powerful, courageous.

13. Lorenzo

Origin: Italian
Meaning: From Laurentium.

14. Hertz

Origin: German
Meaning: My Strife.

15. Rodriguez

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Son of Rodrigo, the famous ruler.

16. Zayden

Origin: American
Meaning: Little fire.

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