15 Pairs Of Baby Names For Twin Boys

Yay – you have twin boys on the way! But having twins also mean that you have to come up with two names. If you have no idea where to start, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite sets of names (and their meanings) for your little boys:

1. Liam & Logan

Meaning: Liam is a German man with the meaning “will-bearer”; the Gaelic meaning for Logan is “from the hollow”.

2. Elijah & Ethan

Meaning: Elijah means “God the Lord”; Ethan is Hebrew for “strong” or “constancy”.

3. Jonah & Noah

Meaning: Jonah is a biblical name for “a dove” and “he that oppresses” or “destroyer”; Noah is a biblical name and means “rest”.

4. Andrew & Matthew 

Meaning: Andrew is a Scottish name which means “manly” but its biblical meaning is “a strong man”; Matthew is the “gift of the Lord”.

5. Michael & Matthew

Meaning: In Biblical the meaning of the name Michael is “poor” or “humble” while in Hebrew, it means “gift of God”; Matthew is the “gift of the Lord”.

Source: Pinterest
6. Brandon & Bryan 

Meaning: Brandon is an Irish name that means “prince” or “brave”; Bryan is a Celtic name that means “brave” or “virtuous”.

7. Jayden & Jordan 

Meaning: Jayden is a Hebrew name that signifies “God has heard”; Jordan is a biblical name that means “river of judgement”.

8. Daniel & David

Meaning: Daniel is Hebrew for “judgement of God”; David means “beloved”.

9. Jackson & Joshua

Meaning: Jackson is based on John or Jacques and it means “God has been gracious”; Joshua is a biblical name that holds the meaning “savior” or “deliverer”.

10. Samuel & Harold

Meaning: Samuel is a Hebrew name that means “heard God” or “asked of God”; Harold’s Teutonic meaning is “mighty in war” while its Norse meaning is “war chief”.

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11. Tyrese and Theo
Meaning: Tyrese is Latin for “smooth”; Theo is short for Theodore which means “divine gift”.

12. Jasper & Jenson

Meaning: Jasper is Persian for “treasurer”; Jenson is a Scandinavian name and derived from the name John meaning “God is gracious”.

13. Aaron & Ryan

Meaning: Aaron is a biblical name that means “mountain of strength”; Ryan originated in Ireland and means “king”.

14. Carter & Cooper

Meaning: Carter means “transporter of goods by cart”; Cooper is an English baby name that means “barrel maker”.

15. Aiden & Austin

Meaning: Aiden is Irish for “fiery one”; Austin is another name for Augustinian and it means “majestic dignity” in Latin.