12 Essentials For Your Baby’s First-aid Kit

For every parent, especially if you are new to parenthood, you will want to have at least one first-aid kit for your little one at home, one in the car, and a small one in your diaper bag so it’s always with you even when you are outside. These supplies are not just for emergencies or first-aid, they are also keeping your baby comfortable, healthy and happy on a daily basis.

Here is the list of the essential items for your first-aid kit supplies to deal with minor medical problems at home or while traveling. And don’t forget to revisit them from time to time to discard anything that’s expired and restock anything you’ve used!


Source: consumerreports.org
1. Thermometer

This must have item comes in handy when your baby is having fever and you need to monitor the temperature. Some baby run a low fever when they are teething. You may need rubbing alcohol for sterilizing the thermometer and other tools.

2. Prescriptions of medications

Be sure to have a copy of the prescriptions from your doctor along with the doctor’s contact number.

3. Antiseptic cream

This helps to heal cuts and scrapes. Also, it keeps them free from infection.

4. Sterile/ sensitive bandages

Get some adhesive bandage strips and a variety of sizes and shapes on hand. However, do be aware that never put a bandage strip on your child’s fingers or any area that might be sucked on as it may become a choking hazard.

5. Tweezers

You can use it to remove splinters.

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6. Nappy rash cream

A nappy rash cream is a changing table must-have.

7. Cotton balls

You will some sterile cotton balls for washing small cuts and bruises. And also cotton swabs for cleaning the outer area of your baby’s nose and ears.

8. Baby pain relief

Baby pain relief can be used from 1 month old to help bring down temperature, ease teething or soothe the symptoms of first colds.

9. Baby insects repellent

Apply to clothing and some skin area before going outside for some outdoor activities.

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10. Baby sunscreen

Use only baby or children’s varieties.

11. Cold pack

Cold pack reduces swelling from bumps, bites, and minor burns.

12. Hand sanitizer

This is an essential for you, not the baby! It is the best and quickest way to keep hands clean and germ-free between nappy changes or before and after handling your baby.


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