10 Simple Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Boding is the intense attachment that develops between parents and their baby. Not only is bonding essential to an infant’s healthy growth and development, but also provide the baby’s first model for intimate relationships and foster a sense of security as well as positive self-esteem.

While some parents find it easy to bond with their newborn within the first few days of birth, some struggle to create an intimate relationship with their baby. But fret not, because bonding is not something that can happen immediately – it’s a process that takes place over time.

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Although there’s no shortcut to this, here are 10 simple ways that can help you bond with your baby:

1. Sing to your little one because your voice actually has the power to calm your child down. According to researchers, singing to your infant can also help prevent language problems later in life. But if you’re too embarrass to sing, here are some Spotify playlists to help you out.

2. Breastfeed as much as you can as breastfeeding releases hormones in your body that promote relaxation. Besides that, it is said that breast milk may make your baby smarter.

3. Talk to your baby everyday. Experts say babies prefer human voices and enjoy vocalizing in their first efforts at communication.

4. Giving massages to your little love is another effective bonding method. Infant massaging also helps your baby fall asleep faster and rest better at night.

5. Look into your baby’s eyes while you talk, sing, or feed him. Experts point out that eye-to-eye contact provides meaningful communication at close range.

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6. Skin-to-skin contact is also really important. According to Scientific American, physical engagement boosts early childhood development, helps calm babies, and even reduces parents’ stress level.

7. Exercising with your baby is also a great way to bond with your baby. It can also help your baby develop muscular strength and motor skills. Here are 8 parent-and-baby routine you can follow for free.

8. It’s always nice to go out of the house once in a while. So why not take your baby to the park or zoo?

9. Bond with your baby all night long by letting him sleep near you. Your baby needs to know you’re there for him all the time, so that he’ll feel close to you and safe.

10. Smile at your baby often! You’d be surprise what wonders can a smile do.

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