8 Gender Neutral Nursery Themes We Love

Creating a safe and loving space for your little one’s arrival is one of the most important tasks you have to do as a parent. Not only is the nursery the place where your baby sleeps, its also a place where he or she will play and learn.

Here are some of our favorite gender neutral designs for your reference:

1. Grey and white playroom design
Source: Little Look

We absolutely love this gorgeous, minimalistic playroom design done by Little Look! Inspired by Scandinavian bare timber products, this gender neutral nursey is bound to be the talk of your mom/dad squad.

2. Colorful Circus
Source: How Joyful

Influenced by How Joyful’s personal love for carnivals, circus and animals, this colorful nursery is definitely #goals.

3. Rainbow polka dots
Source: Design Sponge

This aesthetically-pleasing gender neutral nursery theme is laid-back, fun, and playful. Featured on Design Sponge, the interior was done by a couple and their little boy.

4. Warm and cozy yellow playroom
Source: The Bump

We love the geometry element in this playroom. With bright yellow walls and quirky decorations (i.e. red rocking horse and white rocking chair), your little one is going to have a lot of fun in a room like this.

5. Cactus theme

Who knew cactuses make such nice decorations 🌵🌵🌵 Also, did we mention that we love the elephant blanket?

6. Modern Mickey

“Never stop dreaming.”

You can never go wrong with all things Disney. This black-and-white Modern Mickey themed is simple yet stylish.

7. What did the fox say?
Source: Project Nursery

Not only is this woodland theme nursery cute and autumn-y, but also comfy and warm. The hint of bright orange also gives the room the “oomp” it needs.

8. Neutral “outdoors-y” playroom
Source: The DIY Playbook

Done by Bridget of The DIY Playbook, the room is decorated with gorgeous and adorable watercolor paintings of mountains and animals. Besides that, this nursery reflects the couple’s love for the outdoors.