10 Baby Firsts and Milestones To Include In Baby Book

As a new parent, it felt like the first few weeks of breastfeeding and getting-use-to with your newborn would never end. But then time passes and, before you realize it, you can’t even remember that much about your baby. Unless you were great at recording all the special moments. When you do track all your baby’s firsts and important milestones, they will be such a treasure to you and your child in the future.

1. Baby’s first diaper change 

Source: webmd.com

2. Baby’s first birthday

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3. Baby’s first tooth

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4. Baby’s first laugh

Source: parentinghealthybabies.com

5. Sleep through the night

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6. Baby’s first bath

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7. Baby’s first steps

Source: essentialbaby.com.au

8. Baby’s first vacation

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9. Baby’s first Christmas

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10. Baby’s year in review

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