We started our Christmas Series with gift ideas for moms, and today, our focus will be on baby, who receives all the adoration everyone. While babies are too young to be aware of the presents they receive, mom and dad will be overjoyed. Might as well make it easier for them and get something practical for baby too!

1. Diapers

Babies use up diapers like there’s no tomorrow. Diapers cost parents the most, more than clothing or toys or furniture. Mom and dad will be happy that you’re chipping in and it’s one less pack of diapers to worry of. But make sure that you have ’em in the right size!

2. Cloth diapers

Source: @lpocoucheslavables

If you want to get something more environmental friendly, cloth diapers are the way to go. They are washable and comfortable as well.

3. Bath tubs

Bath times are always a struggle for moms and dads. Baby just won’t stay still and sometimes, it poses a risk to their safety. With baby bath tubs, they will have less room to trash around and yet remain comfortably fixed. Check out our baby tubs suggestions here.

4. Gift cards

Gift cards are convenient gifts. No need to worry if the receiver would like it or not because they can just get anything they want to. In this case, mom and dad can get all the baby supplies they need! If possible, opt for an online shop because new parents might not have time to physically go to a store.

5. Toys

Source: @3.little.crowns

Toys aren’t useless. In contrary, it helps with baby’s development. Get baby a play mat or play gym. This way, mom and dad can have some time for themselves while baby play (and learn!).

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