Pregnancies are stressful on mothers, with the physical experience of carrying a child and birth. They have to deal with feelings of fear, excitement, and also anxiety, and sometimes it comes all at once. As first-time fathers, it’s understandable that you feel clueless, but you can learn how to help.

Source: A Dad Influence

Here are some tips:

1. Attend prenatal appointment together.

Attend as many appointments together as you can. This gives moral support to your wife, and also allow you to understand more about prenatal care. You’ll get to experience exciting things like hearing your baby’s heartbeat too!

2. Go to childbirth education classes.

These classes are not only for mothers. It is actually designed for mothers AND fathers, and you both can prepare and help each other out throughout classes. It’ll teach you about the stages of labour and pain relief for the mother, and you’ll usually have a free tour of the labour and delivery area. Familiarise yourself with the surroundings and know what to expect for each stage in labour. Some educators are also trained to engage with fathers through targeted questions and hands-on practice.

3. Deciding on your role during labor.

Are you to take on an active role and help your partner with the push and pull, or just be there for her by holding her hands? Before your partner goes into labor, talk to her about which role she is comfortable with you taking. This eliminates the chances of you doing something she’s uncomfortable with.

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