New to fatherhood? Unfamiliar with your role as a husband when your wife is pregnant? Here’s what you can expect when your wife is expecting:

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The early weeks

The earliest signs of “morning sickness” can appear in the first month. Up to around 14 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women can feel lethargic and sick. Smells and tastes can make them feel nauseous, and they could only want to sleep all the time. They are also easily irritable, but learn to bear with them because their bodies are adjusting to hormonal changes.

Their sexual desire may also decrease, with moodiness increasing.

The middle stages

Their appetite will start to increase, and they will have that “baby glow” that is so often mentioned. However, the fatigue will still remain, as they are carrying extra weight and the heart is pumping more blood. Some might also experience bloating, constipation, or other uncomfortable symptoms.

Bleeding gums, constipation, heartburn, and leg cramps can also intensify.

The later weeks

At this stage, many pregnant moms experience anxiety about their pregnancy and birth. They could be on maternity leave, and will feel lonely if left without the company of anyone at home. Sleep will also become harder as they deal with the growing body size.

The only thing you can do is to be there for her and encourage – but never force – her to talk about her worries.

Things to look out for when your wife is pregnant

  • Share the housework, and do more if you can.
  • Quit smoking, or stop smoking around your partner.
  • Make sure your partner and yourself are eating well.
  • Attend prenatal appointments and childbirth classes together.
  • Don’t force them to have sex – as they could feel insecure about their body or are just not in the mood.

Sources: NHS, Hunterdon Healthcare.

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