We’ve laid out some reasons why you should listen to music while you’re pregnant, and here are some things you need to know before you put that headphone next to your tummy:

Source: Livestrong

1. DO NOT crank up the volume.

Yes, we understand that you might be concerned that baby dearest won’t be able to hear the music, considering that it will need to go through the thick layer of skin. but turning the volume all the way up will only serve to harm your baby – as it could run the risk of them being born prematurely, having lower birth weights, and/or suffering from hearing loss.

2. Your baby will be able to listen to surrounding music.

There’s actually no need to put the headphone next to your belly. Turns out amniotic fluid is actually a really¬†good conductor of sound. This makes sure that the music will carry over to the fetus. If want to make sure that your baby hears music, feel free to place that headphone near to them, but keep the volume low.

3. Do not overdo it.

Your baby needs some rest time. Do not constantly expose your unborn baby to music, as this could disrupt their natural sleep pattern. It is very important for your baby to rest well while in the womb, as they develop many mental, physical, psychological, and other developments during sleep time.

4. Not all kinds of music are okay.

Classical and pop music are fine, but loud or jarring music like rock or metal can adversely affect your unborn baby. The softer tune of classical music can calm you and your baby down, while the easy rhythms and patterns from pop music will be easy for your baby to identify and remember. Hard rock or metal, however, can cause stress to your unborn baby due to the constantly shifting beats and rhythms. That’s not to say you should avoid them like the plague, as listening to them for a short time will be alright.

Source: Mom Junction.

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