While hearing loss may not be reversible in some cases, there are options to help out babies or children who are affected by it. You should always talk to an audiologist about it, but here is a general guideline for parents who are curious.

Source: The Portland Hospital

What are the possible treatments for hearing loss?

  • Hearing aids

Hearing aids are not only for the aged, as babies can wear one too. It is a small electronic device worn inside or behind the ear and serves to amplify sounds. Babies and young children typically wear hearing aids that fit behind the ear.

  • Cochlea implant

If your baby’s case is a severe one, cochlea implants could be a possible treatment. Electrodes will be inserted into the inner ear (cochlea), and an external device will pick it up and process the sound. The implant will act as a replacement for the inner ear by carrying the auditory signal to the brain.

  • Sign language

This isn’t exactly a treatment, but children who are not able to benefit from hearing aids or cochlea implants have to learn sign language. It is imperative that your child start learning sign language as soon as they are able to, in order to familiarise them with it. They are also able to learn faster if taught from a young age.

Are hearing losses preventable?

In some cases, no. But there are always ways to minimise the risk from other external factors.

  • Never insert anything into your baby’s canal, as even cotton swabs can cause damage.
  • Some childhood diseases like mumps can cause hearing loss, so immunise your baby against them.
  • Ear infections and colds can be a cause of hearing loss, so always monitor your baby’s condition.
  • Don’t expose your baby to loud noises.

Sources: Baby CenterAudiology.

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