Baby poop can be a very important indicator of your baby’s health.

Not so unlike an adult’s poop, baby poop can come in an array of colours – green, blue, orange, red, or more. It can also be solid, runny, and really watery. So, how do you determine if the poop comes from a healthy baby or one that needs medical attention?

In our previous article, we wrote about the types of normal poop excreted by babies. In this post, we will talk about the not-so-healthy poop.

Source: PBS

1. Runny Baby Poop

When a baby’s diarrhea is green, yellow, or brown – it can be quite normal. However, if it is green, yellow, or brown, AND runny, it can be an indication of an infection or allergy. If it goes too long without being treated, this could lead to dehydration.

2. Poop that is too hard

If your baby has poop that is too hard and is pebble-like, there might be a problem – your baby might be constipated. This could happen because of the introduction to solid foods, or it could be a sign of sensitivity to milk or soy (for example, lactose intolerance).

3. Red poop

Red poop? This means that there’s blood in your baby’s stool, right? Before you jump into conclusions, calm down. Yes, it can be an indication that your baby has a bacterial infection, but it could simply mean that your baby ate or drank something red – whether it be a tomato or fruit punch. To be sure, monitor your baby’s food intake and if there is no red food consumed, take them to the doctor.

4. Mucus in poop

If there is slimy, green-coloured streak with glistening strings, it means that there is mucus. Mucus in baby poop can mean that your baby has an infection.

5. White poop

As mentioned, chalky white poop can be a sign that your baby is not digesting food properly. It suggests that there is no bile from the liver present to help with digestion. It may also indicate a possible problem with your newborn’s bile ducts, including a cyst, tumour, or inflammation. Other possible ailments could be liver infections or gallstones

Source: Unity Point.

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