Baby sleeping patterns are really irregular, which might cause distress to you and your family. However, irregularity might be a sign that something’s wrong with your baby’s sleeping patterns. This could also be a sign of a larger problem.

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The lack of sleep can cause a chain of problems, which might cause a rift in the family.

The chain reaction is as follows:

1. A tired baby means a grumpy baby which has more demands, and is harder to comfort and settle.

2. This means that you won’t be getting enough sleep either, as you need to constantly be on your toes.

3. This could cause you to feel exhausted and stressed – which in turn could lead to your falling sick more often

4. Lack of sleep can also lead to anxiety and depression.

5. As it gets harder to deal with day-to-day demands of caring for your baby, you could resent them.

6. Being tired can make it difficult to think straight, and you might have trouble concentrating.

7. Parenting will be tough, but so will balancing your job.

8. This is turn will bring up problems with other family members and colleagues.

How do you determine if your baby has a sleeping problem?

For the first 6 months of their life, it’s difficult to ascertain any problems just by their sleeping patterns as it varies too much. For example, it’s totally normal for your baby to wake up regularly at night for feeding. That’s not to say your baby will have regular sleep after 6 months.

However, your baby might have a sleep problem is they show these signs for about 3 months, even after they are 6 months or older:

  • consistently wakes more than 3 times a night,
  • consistently takes more than 30 minutes to settle, or
  • has difficulties with sleeping and settling that cause you a lot of distress.

Talk to your doctor to determine if these irregularities are a cause for concern. Try to settle in a schedule and set up a positive bedtime routine. If you feel that it’s out of your control, get professional help for settling babies.

Source: Raising Children.

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