Babies elicit some of the most unusual symptoms all the time, some of which you might choose to ignore.

However, ignoring some of the more critical ailments could lead to serious consequences, and some might result in death. In this article, we highlight the baby symptoms that should never be ignored:

Source: Baby Care Journals

1. White excrement 

It’s not unusual for babies to produce green, yellow, orange, or black poop. In fact, it signs that your baby is receiving an abundance of nutrients. However, chalky white or gray poop is a sign that not all is well with your infant’s digestive tract.

It suggests that there is no bile from the liver present to help with digestion. It may also indicate a possible problem with your newborn’s bile ducts, including a cyst, tumour, or inflammation. Other possible ailments could be liver infections or gallstones.

2. Abnormal fontanelle(s)

The fontanelle (or more commonly called the soft spots) is protected by a strong layer of membrane, and is usually strong enough to withstand most damage. However, a bulging or sunken fontanelle could mean that your baby is dehydrated or has an infection or swell in the brain.

More about your baby’s soft spots here.

3. Blue lips

Blue lips are never normal, regardless if it appears on adults or babies. In babies, it can be a worrisome symptom of cyanosis, which generally occurs when there is a lack or oxygen in the blood or circulation problems. It can also mean that an underlying issue such as pneumonia, heart disease, or asthma is present.

4. Breathing troubles

Respiratory problems are really common among babies. If something feels wrong about your baby’s breathing, take them to the doctors right away. Some symptoms that you have to look out for include hard and fast breathing, labored breathing, and wheezing. If your baby seems to be exerting their chest muscles more than normal or their nostrils is flared, have them checked out.

5. Bruises

It’s normal for bruises to appear on your baby, as they are constantly exploring and bumping their way through life. However, mysterious bruises can be a sign that your baby has Von Willebrand Disease, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, or leukemia.

6. Blue/gray patch

If you notice blue or gray patches on your baby, you should immediately check your baby from head to toe. These patches might mean that your baby’s lungs are not receiving the necessary amount of oxygen required, or that their blood circulation is sluggish. If the patches appear to be bluish on the lips, tongue, vagina, or scrotum, it can signify a potential heart or lung defect.

Source: BabyGaga.

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