Breastfeeding can come with many problems, and as a mother, you might not know the best way to solve them. Your doctor or physician can help to a certain extent, but not all of them are experts in breastfeeding. There is a designated job for that – lactation consultants.

Sadly, the existence of lactation consultants are not well-known. Even if they are, there are many factors that stop moms from consulting one – mostly due to fear of the unknown.

So, what is a lactation consultant?

Lactation consultants are seldom mentioned, but they do exist, and their main jobs are to support you and answer your questions during your breastfeeding ordeal.

They are health professionals who are trained in the area, and work at hospitals or child health services. There are also some who opt to who in private practice. They will help you get comfortable about breastfeeding and prepare you for successful nursing by teaching you the right techniques.

Source: Medela

Consulting a lactation consultant doesn’t mean that you’re doing things wrong.

It is perfectly normal for you and your baby to encounter hiccups during the early days of feeding. Even if everything seems to be going smoothly, it doesn’t hurt to get guidance on how often to feed your baby, when and how to pump, the best position, or so on.

They won’t force you to breastfeed.

They’re not there to make sure you breastfeed, they’re there to help you reach your goals. If you choose not to breastfeed, they will respect your decision.

You are advised to find one before you start breastfeeding.

It is better to be well-informed about the situation before you start breastfeeding. When you face problems, you’ll be able to handle it. You also won’t panic when there are any unexpected situations.

They do not hate formula.

Not all mothers are capable or want to breastfeed, and they understand that. For those who do not breastfeed, the consultants will be able to recommend suitable formula for your baby.

They won’t judge you.

They know that things can go wrong with milk production. They know that some mothers are born with physical differences that makes it hard to produce a full supply of milk, and they also understand that it could be mentally exhausting for some to face the prospect of breastfeeding. You do not have to explain yourself if you do not want to breastfeed. They won’t judge you, and only want to help you with your goals.

They are there to help.

Do not be shy to open up to them if you want to. And we mean literally. They’ve seen loads of boobs, babies, and nipples, and are ready to help you with whatever questions you have.

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