Not over the #royalwedding hype yet?

We’ve come up with a list of royal names for your baby princess, so here are some for your little prince:

Source: Nameberry

1. Harry

Named after the Duke of Sussex. An obvious choice, but a good one nevertheless.

2. William

Named after the Duke of Cambridge

3. Andrew

Named after Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

4. Charles

Named after the Prince of Wales.

5. Richard

Named after Richard III, King of England.

6. Henry

Named after the Duke of Gloucester.

7. Michael

Named after Prince Michael of Kent.

8. Philip

Named after the Duke of Edinburgh.

9. Alastair

Named after Prince Alastair of Connaught.

10. Victor

Named after Prince Albert Victor of Wales.

11. Leopold

Named after the Duke of Albany.

12. Augustus

Named after the first Duke of Sussex.

13. Frederick

Named after the past Prince of Wales.

14. Edward

Named after King Edward VIII.

15. George

Named after the baby Prince George of Cambridge.

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