You’re expecting another kid! That’s good news, but how do you break this to your toddler? This could be a sensitive issue as your toddler might not be the centre of your attention anymore.

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To help them prepare for it, here are some things you should take note of:

1. Break it down to them and explain what a pregnancy is.

Of course, in simple terms. Tell them that there is life instead of your belly – a being that can move just like your toddler – and warm them up to the idea of talking to their sibling.

2. Make your toddler feel like they are an important part of the family.

You can do this by assigning them little things to do. For example, by making the home baby-safe. More specifically, you can appoint them the safety monitor who is in charge of checking that all the toys are safe for their sibling to play with.

3. Involve them in decision-making.

When buying clothing or toys for the nursery, always remember to involve your toddler. Gently ask them for advice and do listen to them when it’s valid.

4. Send them to a sibling preparation class.

Yes, those things do exist and they will make your life easier. Some hospitals provide them and it’ll include lessons on how to hold a baby, explanations of how a baby is born, and opportunities for kids to talk about their feelings about having someone new in the family.

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