So your friend or family has just welcomed their baby to this world. It’s a joyous occasion, but we’re sure that the process has left them exhausted.

Here are some gift ideas that will help them navigate through this new phase of life:

1. Meal vouchers

Let’s be honest, whipping up a meal is probably the last thing they want to do right now. Why not buy them their meals or offer them some take-out vouchers? With apps like Uber Eats and Food Panda, you can choose from a variety of restaurants.

2. Housecleaning service

After a whole day of caring for their baby, it would be a wonder if they still have time to care for themselves, what more cleaning the house. We’re not asking you to clean their house for them, but you could offer to pay for their house cleaning services. BCH and MaidEasy are just some of the cleaning services available in Malaysia. But remember to consult them before booking the service!

3. Blender

Source: Made For Mums

Get them a good one, because they’ll be using it a lot. Babies can start having solid foods after they’re 6 months old, but before that, they’ll be depending on liquid diets – which involves purees. Even after that, smoothies are a popular hit with kids too.

4. Wine

This will just be the thing to help them unwind after a very, very long day. Find out their favourite brand or flavour and you’re good to go. Or better yet, here are some creative ideas for parents who love wines as much as us.

5. Book

This is for the book lover parents. Get them a novel to unwind, or if they’re totally clueless, get them a parenting book. Popular titles include “Becoming Brilliant”, “The First Six Weeks”, and “Confessions of a Domestic Failure”.

6. Photo book

As it’d be difficult for you to gather enough baby photos to make a photo book, it would be more advisable to buy them a photo book voucher. Photo Book Malaysia is a good place to start.

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