We had high expectations for “Infinity War”, and it did not disappoint. It was a spectacular fest from start to end, and we’d be lying if we said that we only watched it once.

Along with the mind-blowing movie came some awesome names, and there’s nothing better than naming your babies after some of these iconic superheroes.

Source: Marvel

1. Tony (Tony Stark, Iron Man)

Yup, naming your baby after Tony Stark, the Iron Man himself, would make him wear his name with pride. Maybe he could be the next genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist – who knows?

2. Bruce (Bruce Banner, The Hulk)

Your baby would probably be blessed with super strength, although we hope he won’t burst into the huge and towering (and green) Hulk.

3. Natasha (Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow)

Natasha is one beautiful name, if you ask us. The name, from Russian origins, was originally the diminutive form of Natalia.

4. Stephen (Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange)

In case you didn’t know, Doctor Strange’s full name is Stephen Strange. Yup, Doctor Strange isn’t a made-up name. Derived from the Greek word stéphanos, it means ‘wreath, crown’ or ‘reward, honor’. Definitely a mighty name.

5. Peter (Peter Parker, Spider-Man/Peter Quill, Starlord)

If fancy names are not your thing, why not name your baby Peter? It’s unassuming, but rest assured that your baby would grow up to achieve great things – just like the responsible Peter Parker or the playful Peter Quill.

6. Wanda (Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch)

Of Polish origins, Wanda was derived from the tribal name Wends. If you name your baby Wanda, she will also be sharing her namesake with the great Scarlet Witch.

7. Loki (Loki, God of Mischief)

This is one unusual name which will make your baby stand-out (in a good way). It is unique, and it’ll remind us of all the great sacrifices made by the God of Mischief.

8. Pepper (Pepper Potts)

As Stark’s fiancée and CEO of Stark Industries, we can’t deny that Pepper sounds like a powerful name.

9. Nebula 

A dreamy name, Nebula is an actual word which can be defined as an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases. It is also Latin for ‘cloud’ or ‘fog’.

10. Thanos

The big bad himself. Some hated his motivations, some understood it. Thanos might be the villain of the movie, but it’s definitely difficult to hate him. The name itself commands respect.

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