It might surprise you that baby’s like massages, after all, they are so delicate. But, if massages soothes adults, why shouldn’t it calm your baby too? Furthermore, baby massage is a great way to bond with her. So, what are the benefits of giving your baby a massage?

1. Baby massage releases happy hormones

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Baby massage stimulates the production of oxytocin, aka happy hormones, in your baby. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of love and warmth. Furthermore, the person giving the massage will also experience this feeling! In general, you will find your baby to be sleeping better and crying less.

2.  Improved weight gain

For babies born prematurely, massages can improve their weight gain. This is because massages stimulates the vagus nerve which connects the brains to different parts of the body. By stimulating this nerve, you can improve your baby’s digestion and bowel movement. As a result, your baby will be more likely to gain healthy weight.

3. More stable heart and brain

Since massages improves the parts of our nervous system that regulate our organs, your baby’s heart rate will become more stable. Thus, she will have a better response to stressful situations, such as pain or discomfort. Furthermore, massages can help brain activity develop at a normal level, especially for premature babies.

4. Help counter postnatal depression


As mentioned before, giving your baby a massage doesn’t just benefit them, it benefits others too. Baby massages can help mums with mild or even severe depression. We know that taking care of your baby can sometimes be draining and feel like a daunting task. However, baby massages are unlike these routines, since it is fun and not a necessity.

Even if you don’t have depression, you will find baby massages to lift your mood in general. Think about it as spending quality time with your baby. Leave off the charts, thermometers, and guides. Turn off your phone. And, relax with your little one!

5. Improve father-baby relationship

Since dad’s are not the one breastfeeding the baby, they might be missing out on some bonding time with their baby. You can change that by assigned the baby massage to dad. This gives them the space for intimate touchy-feely time.

6. Start a routine

Giving baby massages at a specific time, like after a bathe or before a meal, can help you build a good habitual routine with your baby. Whether it is for you or your baby, having a routine can reduce stress levels and help the family lead a more structured and calm life. Furthermore, including a daily or frequent baby massage in the schedule is a good way to improve you and your baby’s quality of life.

For a step by step guide on baby massage, read our next article.

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