If you are browsing the internet for baby nursery ideas, you will notice that baby canopies really add a certain charm. Not only do they add a fullness to a nursery, they also protect babies from pesky mosquitos and insects. So, we’ve come up with 4 darling baby canopies for you.

1. Hoomall Mosquito Net Bed Canopy Round Lace Dome


Source: amazon.com

Hoomall’s baby canopy is a classic with its simple white drape coupled with star decorations and a paper crown. Made of polyester, the canopy also acts as a mosquito net. Furthermore, it offers a great price for the size of the canopy (2.4m), so you can always reuse it when your baby graduates from a crib.

Get Hoomall Baby Canopy at Amazon for $30.99

2. Baby Crib Safety Canopy

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A great find for parents who are looking for ways to keep their baby from climbing out of their cribs. This bed canopy is easy to install and comes with an easy pull auto lock zippers for parents to access their baby while keeping tent secure. Furthermore, it is made with soft breathable terylene that is washable and BPA free.

Get the Baby Crib Safety Canopy at Amazon for $99.97

3. Ledunus Princess Bed Canopy

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Your baby will grow to love this pink castle; she will have her own private place and secret garden. It is made of high quality cotton canvas which is a lightweight and breathable material. Furthermore, it is bigger than most other baby canopies, so it will even fit a twin size bed.

Get the Ledunus Princess Bed Canopy at Amazon for $31.25

4. Foxnovo Baby Canopy

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Foxnovo’s baby canopy is elegant yet humble; it parts in the center to envelop your baby. It is very easy to install and includes a suspension system which hands from the ceiling. Choose this if you prefer the look of the canopy hanging from a lower place.

Get the Foxnovo Baby Canopy at Amazon for $19.49

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