If you were a fan of “Pacific Rim” in 2013, the sequel “Pacific Rim Uprising” is finally out! This action-packed monsters versus robots movie is filled with strong male and female characters.

If you love this movie, you might want to consider naming your baby after one of your favorite characters or actors. Check out this list of 9 baby names inspired by “Pacific Rim Uprising”:

1. Amara

Source: riaria.com

A new favorite member of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp. Amara is a self-taught engineer who is witty, sarcastic, and sharper than most people.

Amara seems to have many origins and meanings. In German, it means “steadfast”. In Sanskrit, it means “immortal”.

2. Cailee

Cailee is the name of the actress who played Amara.

This name is of celtic origin meaning “pure”

2. Mako

Source: themarysue.com

Secretary General of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp, Mako is competent, formidable, and a perfectionist at heart.

Pronounced as MAH-koh. Originating from Japanese, Mako means “child of truth”.

3. Jules

Source: diariometro.com.ni

She builds and fixes the big robots. As described by Adria Arjona, the actress playing Jules: “She’s Not tough, she is just a strong woman who is good at her job.”

This is a French derived baby name meaning “youthful”.

4. Ryoichi

Source: imdb.com

A stunning and dedicated cadet of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp.

Of Japanese origin, Ryoichi means “good, clear, one”.

5. Jake

Source: twitter.com

A black market retailer turned hero. Jake is someone who lives up to his potential.

Jake is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, it means “he grasps the heel”.

6. Nate

Source: pacificrim.wikia.com

Nate, is an officer of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. He is the star of the jaeger fleet in Uprising.

Another name of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift of God”. It is an abbreviation of Nathan.

7. Newt

Source: fanpop.com

A scientist working in K-Science Lab of the Defense Corps. This is a man who will remain upbeat in the face of chaos.

Short for Newton, Newt means “a small salamander”. Funny, Newt Scamander is the main character of J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

8. Hermann

Source: pacificrim.wikia.com

Another scientist working in the same lab. Hermann is analytic and fastidious.

Derived from the distinguished family name of very ancient German origin, meaning “army man”.

9. Ilya

A cheeky and quirky character.

The East Slavic form of the name Elijah, meaning “my god is Yahu”. It is pronounced with stress on the second, not first, syllable.

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