Burp is the releasing of gas bubbles right from the oesophagus via mouth. Burping your baby after each feeding is as important as feeding her. If you are new in parenthood, you should know the importance and need of burping a baby.

First of all, making your baby burp is necessary for the digestion process. It helps to get rid of some of the air your baby tend to swallow during every feed. The air that your baby takes in during every feed can interfere with your little one’s digestion. It makes him feel uneasy and set up stage for more problems inside the stomach. Besides that, too much swallowed air can lead to spitting up, crankiness, and a feeling of gassy in babies.

Source: boldsky.com

Experts believe that one of the main reasons for babies to suffer from colic (and unbearable stomach ache) is due to the presence of excessive air trapped inside the abdomen, sucked in during a feeding session. A baby suffering from colic can break into bouts of shrill cries beyond soothing. Also, having air inside the stomach can also interfere your baby’s sleep. If you see that your baby wakes up and feels better once you make him sit, chances are that there’s air inside his tummy.

So here are the two most common positions to burp a baby:

Placing the baby on your lap: Lay your baby on the lap, hold the baby properly and pat the back of the baby.

Hold the baby over the shoulder: Place your baby on your shoulder. Hold her with one hand and pat her back gently. Make sure the head and the body of the baby is properly supported.

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