Wine, fashion, architecture – Italy has it all. In addition, Italian baby names are unique, charming and admirable, too. Italian baby boy names also sound exotic yet have a cool edge to them.

Fancy a stylish name from the motherland of pizza and need some inspirations? Here’s some cute and cool Italian baby names for your baby boy-to-be.

1. Dante

Meaning: Faithful.

2. Patrizio

Meaning: Noble.

3. Sergio

Meaning: One who serves, attendant.

4. Donatello

Meaning: To give.

5. Stefano

Meaning: Garland, crown.

6. Alba

Meaning: White.

7. Angelo

Meaning: Messenger from God.

8. Marcelo

Meaning: Hammer.

9. Alberto

Meaning: Noble, bright, famous.

10. Antonio

Meaning: Priceless.

11. Emmanuel

Meaning: God is with us.

12. Franco

Meaning: Freeman.

13. Benito

Meaning: The blessed one.

14. Aurelio

Meaning: Gilded or golden.

15. Marco

Meaning: Rendered to Mars, warlike.

16. Maurizio

Meaning: Dark-skinned.

17. Alfonso

Meaning: Eager, noble.

18. Paolo

Meaning: Tiny, petite.

19. Fabian

Meaning: Bean grower.

20. Leonardo

Meaning: Like a lion.

Source: pinterest
21. Orlando

Meaning: Famous throughout the land.

22. Luigi

Meaning: Warrior.

23. Pasquale

Meaning: Easter related.

24. Ottavio

Meaning: Eighth.

25. Michelangelo

Meaning: Michael, the angel.

26. Galileo

Meaning: A rolled sheet.

27. Fabrizio

Meaning: Skilled worker.

28. Luciano

Meaning: Light of the day.

29. Eugenio

Meaning: Of noble descent.

30. Salvatore

Meaning: Saviour.


Sources: Essential Baby, Mom Junction.

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